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Casting Call #4: Final Fantasy VI - Part 1

Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you for coming today. I have called this press conference here to discuss rumors of the next major project my studio is working on. Since the debut of Mass Effect, we have seen that the support from not only the fans of the games these movies are based upon, but non-gamers who know a good movie when they see one. So let me go ahead and put your fears to rest.

Talking Robot Films has been planning a trilogy of movies that will be released within the next three years. We have teamed up with New Line Cinemas and WETA to produce these films, since they have experience in the fantasy department. I have no doubt you are all interested to see the movie we are working on so without further delay, I give you......

Now please, please, hold your questions till I can explain a little more about our plans for this incredible game. The fans of the series are no doubt interested deeply in what I am about to tell you so please let me finish. Final Fantasy VI, as the game is called, is a very large game based in a steampunk world. The story is so big, that we have had to break this down into three films, the first of which will be out next year. The first will introduce the characters to you, begin the actual story and end with the climatic battle of Narshe. My plans are to stick to the original story as much as possible, although some things have been changed to allow for time constraints. I apologize to the fans first of all for these changes, but I hope they understand that they are for the better.

Let me first say that it isn't easy to create a movie and find the appropriate actors to fill those characters when the original game is in 2D and the 3D cutscenes are not very realistic looking people. I have done the best I can though and hopefully you will be able to see these people in the roles you know and love.

Now, let me introduce you to the cast of the first installment. Ladies and gentlement, gamers of all ages, I present to you, the cast of VI.

Christina Ricci as Terra Branford

Terra was a little harder to cast than I thought but Ms. Ricci has the look and after her last few movies, the acting ability as well. Terra is a young, innocent woman in the beginning but by the third film, you will see the full maturation of that character. Because of this we needed an actress who could look both young and mature as well as a bit of an exotic feel.

Her last major film was Black Snake Moan with Samuel L. Jackson.

Ryan Reynolds as Locke Cole

Locke Cole is the free-spirited, adventurer and thief. He travels the world searching for treasure and women. He's also a smug, arrogant smart-ass and honestly, I have complete faith that the smug, arrogant smart-ass Mr. Reynolds will do him justice. Plus, here's a little eye candy for the ladies.

Ryan is best known for his roles in Smokin' Aces, The Amityville Horror, Blade:Trinity and Van Wilder.

Naomi Watts as Celes Chere

Celes Chere is a very cold, distant person when we meet her, and it takes the warmth of Locke's personality to begin to bring this out. I felt that after seeing her in both of The Ring films, as well as I Heart Huckabees and Eastern Promises, that she would fill the role nicely.

Thomas Jane as Edgar Roni Figaro

Ah Edgar, the consummate playboy of our little tale.

Mr. Jane is best known for his role in The Punisher. His other major films include The Mist, The Thin Red Line and Face/Off.

Adam Baldwin as Sabin Rene Figaro

We felt that because Sabin and Edgar are brothers, we needed two actors that 1. could at least look somewhat similar and believable and 2. could interact well together. I'm pleased to say that after seeing them work, they do indeed fill the parts. Sabin for his part, will not be that involved of a character, preferring to let his fists do the talking for him.

Mr. Baldwin is probably best known with these fans as Jayne from Firefly and Serenity. He was also in Independence Day, Drillbit Taylor, and Full Metal Jacket.

Daniel Day-Lewis as Cyan Garamonde

In recent years, Mr. Lewis has become a very deep actor, capable of playing many different roles. Cyan is a distraught, haunted and wounded character and he never truly heals through the entire story. Mr. Lewis, I feel, is more than capable of fulfilling the emotional requirements of this character as well the swordplay. And of course, he definitely can pull the epic mustache off.

Mr. Lewis' credentials include There Will Be Blood, Last of the Mohicans and Gangs of New York.

Ernie Reyes Jr. as Gau

Yes I know what many of you will say about this character but please, read the plot changes at the end to see why we chose Mr. Reyes as Gau.

If you don't remember him, he was the little guy that beat the shit out of The Rock in The Rundown.

John Malkovich as Banon

This just seemed to epic to pass up.

Mark Hamill as Kefka

Yes ladies and gentlemen we have Mr. Skywalker himself on board for this project. In fact, it took hardly any convincing to get Mark on board. It's probably cuz he has nothing better to do. But for those of you in doubt, remember, he played the Joker on the older animated Batman series. I don't think he will have any problems pulling this psycopathic character off.

Oh, here's a little preview for you too, courtesy of Mr. Reaprar from the art department.

Character changes:

We here at the film studio understands the necessity of remaining true to the original characters and most of the changes have to do with creating a believable world with believable characters. As such, things like Sabin's Blitzes, Cyan's Sword Techniques and other abilities will be shown, but not at the same level as you played in the game. Which means that Sabin will not be throwing energy beams out of his hands or Cyan will not create black holes for enemies to disappear into. Magic will still be present in all it's glory.

The main character change will be with Gau himself. Instead of the wild youth that you find in the game, he will be the leader of a tribe of warriors that hunt on the Veldt.

Plot Changes:

Now the reason this has to be a trilogy is the sheer size and length of the story. The movie will open and proceed much as it did in the game, with a few changes, most notably after the heroes travel down river and are separated. This also means that while the party will be attacked by Ultros, they will not have a prolonged battle with him nor will he follow them around the world, causing mischief. The first movie will end with the battle of Narshe and Terra's disappearance.

The main change in plot will be Sabin and Cyan's adventure on the Veldt. My associate producers, Excremento and Mason Rhade, discussed this for a time and we all agreed that the Veldt sequence will need to be shortened considerably. With the time constraints in mind, Gau, instead of following around like a lost puppy, will lead his tribe and capture Sabin and Cyan. After defeating Gau in combat and sparing his life, Sabin offers to take Gau with him. Gau will accept the offer, hoping to learn more about being a warrior from Sabin. They will then return to Narshe via ship instead of the Snake Trench.

Hopefully you can understand the changes we have made are necessary to keep the story together and proceed at an even pace. Also expect for characters special abilities to receive parts in the movie that you will recognize but still remain realistic.
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