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About BigGiantSpoonone of us since 2:43 AM on 12.29.2006

(Formerly known as "2bad4u". I tried keeping the name, as it was my identity on the site for forever. I just couldn't handle it anymore, however. I tried, man. I tried.)
(Also, I wrote this bio a longgg time ago. But ya know what? I'm gonna leave it as-is for now. Ah, memories...)

Yeah, I'm someone with way too much free time on his hands, but for some reason not enough time to update my profile here. I'm apparently lazy as well, and will probably stay too lazy to attempt updating this for some time.

At the time of this things writing, my favorite games include COD4, Guitar Hero I & II (PS2, I can't afford the ones on those new fangled gaming devices), Halo 3 (Grifball w/ friends = good times), andd that's all I can think of for now.