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10 episodes into Attack on Titan and holy shit does this not let up. So damn good.


Just discovered the Sceptics Guide to the Universe crew were in Edinburgh tonight. I don't even like the place but I'd have loved to go to that.


Apparently 3 Billboards wasn't grim enough so I watched Room. Just a sea of misery and youthful ignorance to reality of things. Great film.


Don't quite know why but 3 Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri absolutely broke me. So fucking good though, the hype was very much real.


Apparently October is vaccine injury awareness month. I'd be surprised if anyone else here knows this since we're all (semi) responsible adults who know that making sure people don't get horrible, fatal diseases is a very good thing.


Anyone wondering what the appeal of UFC is should watch the Ferguson v Pettis fight. What a fight, 2 crazy ass motherfuckers going all-out with breakdancing and flips thrown in. Great fight.


Seems Robert Kirkmans own studio will be finishing The Walking Dead, with help from ex-Telltale Devs. Good to see that story will actually see an end.


I'm only a few hours in, and getting used to the camera and movement aside, i'm enjoying FFXIV much more than the 8 or so hours I spent in ESO. Just hearing THAT music gets me so hyped.


Seems I've bought FFXIV. Down the rabbit hole I go.


I don't really read them anymore but some of C&H stuff is just amazing.


Even by their standards the new season of Its Always Sunny is so damn un-PC. The gang attend a sexual harassment seminar and it goes about as well as you'd expect. Just amazing.


Tiger Woods has won for the first time in 5 years, so happy to see him win again! Also, Bodyguard was bloody fantastic, proper good British drama (led by a Scot) about a terrorist plot against Westminister.


A Simple Favour is one of the most fun films I've saw in a long time, a whodunnit with real flair. Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively are fantastic together.


How NOT to build a PC. This is cringworthy. RAM in random slots, GPU in a random slot, paste applied to the CPU and AiO and so on. Also has a GTX 1080ti, and the 'benchmark' was Arma 3 (worthless benchmark) and LoL at 1080p. So bad.


Played a few hours of Overwatch since it's the Humble Monthly unlock. It's ok, don't see myself obsessing over it but it's fun enough. Why the hell are player icons locked behind lootboxes though? It's a glorified JPEG, that's bloody nonsense.


I was curious if the Cities Switch port was as bad as the trailer seemed so looked for actual gameplay. It looks ok, and there's some Twitch streams going too and it doesn't seem too bad considering.


Apparently the Switch Cloud saves are deleted as soon as the subscription expires. It's like Nintendo want to be awkward.


I should be concerned we never saw coverage of DQXI on the Switch, but makes sense they didn't want to drown it with all the FF stuff. Next year is RPG-mania on the thing.


Final Fantasy X on Switch. That's all I needed. IX is nice too but so psyched to get X again.


Finally watched Justice League. Didn't hate it but by golly that films a mess. Far too short, too busy and it has the least suspenseful ending I've seen in a long time. Such a wasted opportunity.


I knew about Serena Williams baseless complaints about the 'sexist' umpire but I never realised the crowd actually booed Osaka when she was awarded the US Open title. People can really be the worst.


Watched 50/50 years ago and seemingly forgot all of it since I never realised Anna Kendrick was in it. Damn good film too, Seth Rogan is a far better supporting actor than the lead role.


Arma 3 is on sale (again) for those interested in the most ridiculously large, buggiest and downright intense shooter out there.


13 seasons on I'm still amazed at how It's Always Sunny has remained so fresh for so long.


Spent a few hows in the BFV beta and it's pretty fun. No major issues yet, it looks great, runs great and is just fun to play. Diving through windows is hella fun.


Overwatch is the early Humble unlock, guess I'm finally getting that. Easily best deal in gaming


Civ VI on Switch is apparently a thing now, launching in November. That's unexpected.


Was on my list for ages but finally watched Humans, really damn good show. Handles the synth stuff so much better than Westworld, so much so that it made me even less likely to see the second season of that


The technical issues are still annoying (notice set-pieces are stuttering now which is really annoying considering they can kill you) but still enjoying Gears 4. The combats just so good and i've always loved how OTT the weapons in the series are.


Gears 4 runs and looks great on PC, but there's massive problems with the thing. There's always stuttuer/desync in the cutscenes, and the game just crashes randomly unless you download a year old Nvidia driver. Real mixed bag.


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