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I feel I've been able to justify the GOT characters weird decisions this season, but after that I'm now convinced they just don't have a clue what they're doing anymore. There's a startling possibility the show will rival Dexter for the worst finale


Played a few hours of Apex and it's pretty good. Feels fun to play and it's as smooth as you'd expect. Obviously it's no Titanfall, but I'm still optimistic that if it does well we'll get that sequel.


Considering it launches in a few weeks this really isn't promising. There's weird performance issues everywhere, and the consoles look even worse.


My (brief) time with Anthem is summarised in the comments for anyone interested.


I know the comic technically came first, but Polar almost plays out like a parody of John Wick. Good fun though, and it's pretty much the definition of ultra-violent. Mads Mikkelsen is fantastic.


Top quality work from the Scottish Cops.


Might be useful for anyone on a GTX GPU looking for cheaper adaptive-sync. Not quite as good as G-Sync, but when you're saving in excess of £100 you can be the judge of whether that's significant.


Source on Reddit if interested, but the Switch is sitting at 32.6 million units sold. MK8 at 15 million and is the best seller, Smash at 12 million and Let's go broke 10. Not afraid to admit I was wrong with that last one, the real one will break records.


Some weird issues with the Pro and 'stable' mode, namely it's just broken. Best performance is from the Pro forcing 1080p with supersampling off, should be some proper 1080p update for it and the X at some point though.


The finale to Titans was just mental, really good show too. Bit uneven in parts, but considering it was written off by most with that reveal trailer I'm pretty impressed. Psyched for the second season.


When I saw Metro wasn't available on GOG I was disappointed but ultimately decided to wait until it was. People here have collectively lost their shit that an exclusive is now exclusive somewhere else though. Of all the things to grab the pitchforks for.


4 episodes down and I'm really enjoying Titans. It's pretty damn dark and brutal but far better than I thought it'd be.


In these troubled times people should remember what Frank Reynolds had to say about discrimination in the media


I forgot she existed. Just lovely.


After using Spotify for years i've finally started using the discover feature and it's actually pretty good. Never even heard of these guys, groovy as fuck though.


They've made a bit of a mess of Day Z, but the way Bohemia handles Arma is pretty great. Over 5 years old now and the janky mil-sim is seemingly still getting supported throughout 2019. I'd like to see Arma 4 one day though.


Kevin Bridges new show was pretty good, definitely better than the last one. For those who don't know who he is, here's a clip from his very first tour.


Pretty fun tech analysis of Arma 3, also known as the game that says fuck you to your setup I do what I want.


Aquaman was just as fun as I thought it'd be, and Amber Heard was surprisingly not terrible. Considering the 2 lowest profile DC movies (Aquaman and Wonder Woman) have been great i'm even more psyched for Shazam! now.


The loading times are pretty atrocious, but Spider-man is just so damn fun to actually play. The combination of Infamous freedom with the stolen Arkham mechanics is just wonderful.


Mad Men is a really rough watch at times, especially with how minorites and in particular women are treated. Don being a dick doesn't exactly help things either. Great show though.


Incredibles 2 was fun as hell, Pixar just have a way of making me feel like a big child. Jack-Jack is the star of the show though, so good.


The Gordon Ramsay myths just keep getting busted. First he said he played for Rangers (he didn't), then he was a Scotsman (raised in England) but now that second one is even more busted since he can't even pronounce Brechin. Charlatan!


Hollow Knight in the humble monthly comes with a Steam copy AND a DRM-free link, that's fucking mental considering how good that game is.


Everyones getting hyped over RDR2 when the only thing I want from Rockstar is a return to Manhunt.


Saw a complaint that the Switch port of Dark Souls is worse than the 360 version because despite the game looking and running much better the sound and some effects are poor. What a set of priorities.


It's quite sad that at 29 Andy Robertson is the only Scot I can remember being in a major football team and actually be a major player. Guy's a fucking superstar.


Today in Astrophysics is hard as fuck: The Sun isn't hot because of Nuclear fusion, instead it's kinetic energy (heat) from the converted gravitational energy from the contraction of the gas making up the Sun. Mind blown.


Seems some people hate CDPR again. Been a while.


10 episodes into Attack on Titan and holy shit does this not let up. So damn good.


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