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I'm a jack of all trades, enjoying anything life manages to throw at me, excluding bricks. Been a gamer since I was 5, collecting those rings and saving those princesses. I enjoy all types of games, even the low production ones. I usually waste my time on first person shooters, but have been proven to excel in other areas(Was 92nd in the world on Red Dead's team deathmatch). Been Job hunting in California, when nobodys hiring, and awaiting the spring term of college. I main Captain Falcon in SSBB,and main Jax/Stryker in Mortal Kombat. I love to have a good time, but don't rage when we lose. I accept critisism, and aim to do better. I personally like to listen to both sides of the story, in order to formulate my own opinion. And on one final note, I fuck shit up.