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I found this to be pretty interesting on the official Gears of War 2 website. You basically call 1-800-598-6379 and pretend you are a Seran right when Emergence Day hits, so you don't know what the alien race is so your supposed to be su...



I'm at the Apple store right now with my friend. He is trying to save a hundred dollars buy saying his old iTouch is broken so he can get the second gen. Their is so many people here breathing down my neck as I type this. Just a second ag...


Tekken 6

Heihachi and Law are probably my favorite characters. I've only played #1,2, and a little bit of 3, and 4. But I dont know anything about 6, except for the fact that it looks decent and playable. But WTF was with that girl at the end of t...



Can anyone get me the Seriously achievement on G.o.W.? JKJKJKJK Terrible jokes aside watch this video. I know, I know, this song is old. But for some reason I really enjoyed the video. I think Im going to play Portal now.


Live 09

This might be an old video but Live and 2K are(to me) neck and neck. I mean both games look just amazing. Usually 2K has always beat Live but what I've seen from the Live demo NBA Live 09 is shaping up to be the potential winner this year...


NBA Live 09(Demo)

The demo for NBA LIVE 09' came out just recently, and i gotta say that this is really promising. First off they took out that quiz mini-game when preparing to play a match. Second, the moves in this version look fantastic, fluid, and very ...


KH 3 I hope it's true. Im tired of the shitty hand-held/mobile phone fillers. I dont need 358/2 an stuff like that. If its for PS3 exclusively so be it, I just w...


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I'm into shooters and other stuff, right now I'm playing Gears of War (P.C./Xbox360) Halo 3, Rock Band, Madden 08(not sure if I should get 09), NBA 08, Castle Crashers, Metal Slug, Tetris

I listen to Alt Rock, Pop Rock, Pop, Metal, Screamo, Club, & RnB

I like to make de videos of de porno, jk

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