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The PSN will be Vaporware

Vaporware is a term in the computer industry that describes a product, typically computer hardware or software, that is announced to the general public but is never actually released nor officially canceled. (wikipedia: vaporware)

This sounds more and more like the PSN which in a way, has been in a perpetual BETA since its launch. This passing generation has been one of intense digital experimentation and the market has spoken, it'll continue to strengthen an online interest. Should those interests constantly be online? That's a questionable and slippery slope that should rightly garner strict criticism. It isn't out of consumer bias that people generally would not like to see an always online and purely digital. It's out of the lack of control and sense of ownership a person has when they hold a game in their hand and know it will do what its supposed to, like a toaster, when you hit the power button. Remember when games didn't need patches and just-inexplicably, you know, did what they were supposed to. They just put a playable game on screen on demand. No patches, no load times (for the most part) and that age is dead. Somehow now a selling point of the PS4 is that it'll do all the loading and downloading and patches in the background so you can play games out of box. How is this a selling point? Has the market devolved that heavily? The celebration of its mediocrity hit a high note when SONY had those 'IN SHIRT XMB' T-shirts. That was a sorry display.

Out of all the disjointed rants I've written, I can honestly say the most passionate have been about the surveillance state of gaming which is touched on in what appears to be a drug induced rampage with words, I was sober at the time but its inexcusable and difficult to translate; and A Third Video Game Renaissance. Both of these things in conjunction with the looming threat of SONY alienating and destroying a loyal consumer base on the horizon, rests like the solar flare of an atomic bomb which is waiting to abolish all of your PSN purchases. All of the terms of service agreements you and I and everyone signed by clicking [AGREE] allows companies to terminate support of that title without notice at any given moment. This gives them license to terminate your purchase history by implementing a strict policy of intellectual and digital property licensing that boarders on a rental agreement.

Not allowing backwards compatibility of a hard copy format is understandable, when that disc will be the same format of the new consoles-its a bit questionable. Lacking complete digital support from the previous platform when it can clearly be emulated with a couple megabytes of code-that seems like bad business sense. Especially because SONY is one of the largest multinational electronics and software heavy industry corporations with holdings across multiple industries. How can one of the largest companies in the world have such poor business sense?

I've said this before-how can the videogames industry developers and publishers alike skrew-up on so many levels and so badly when they are literally the most hand-held (pun) industry in the world. Their consumer base literally demands and petitions and guides them through open discourse about what they want and what they want to see-yet, very little in way of receptivity is observed. Instead we're given always on DRM, the surveillance state of always streaming the PS4-as if the most efficient game-data collection wasn't enough, and now legitimate threats (so it seems) of Microsoft pushing an always-on internet-connected console which will destroy their hope of even 10% of the market.

This graph is a very rough estimate. Despite the best efforts of federal governments global population is at best-an estimate. I can only hope the margin of error is within a few million ±billion(s).

Where do I get 10%? People with internet connections only make up about 20% or so of people in North America. Globally, that number is less than 5%. It'll impact sales so much that it will almost be impossible to turn a profit with inflated budgets of current generation consoles being so high.

With SimCity a lot of people had buyers remorse. They felt like they got a bum deal-and sadly it was too late for any of them because they signed agreements saying the service had to be always-on, may not be active at all times, and may be terminated without warning. They also signed away any right to a refund. Buyers remorse doesn't help and signing binding legal contracts just signs away the right for justice.

I don't want to hate on the industry and I don't want to rally people to not buy the new consoles, but you know what? It wouldn't kill the industry if you didn't and maybe all the bad things and bad trends we're seeing, will straiten up. Maybe companies will be more likely to listen and maybe, just maybe, for once- we'll get what we pay for and not what we're given.

End the schlock.

Don't buy into bullshit and don't sell yourself short.
It won't kill games to say no, it'll make them better.

Look at your hand and play your cards. If you check, I'm sure you'll see you have all of them.
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