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BiZznAcH is back in the BiZznUsS!

So... pretty much my 360 broke in June and I was to lazy to call it in for about 4 months. anyways, my 360 has returned from repair and now its on like donkey kong. i also got a wii for my bday, exciting, i know. basically, you should all a...



so i dont write many posts as you see..... most of the time i dont know what to write about. well i have been inspired. i am going to write about whatever i want. its an awesome idea. so my first thought on this revolation is.... the inter...


yea.. this is me.

Well this is my first time posting a blog, so I think i will tell everyone who reads this about me. My name is Ashley, but to people that know me in gaming I am BiZznAcH. I have been playing Xbox Live since Halo 2 came out, so do the math. ...


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