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My Top 5 iOS Apps To Use While On The Toilet

I know what your thinking, that this is nasty or that you shouldn't be playing with your phone in the toilet when your taking the Browns to the Superbowl. But I'm here to tell you that its actually a very productive and a very enlightening experience when you do play with your iOS device while going to the bathroom.

     There are some people that just don't do this and want to concentrate on going to the bathroom, well let me tell you. Ever since i've been productive on the toilet with my iOS device I've noticed that I've had more time to go to the bathroom easily and take my time while doing so. I use to have problems going to the bathroom and after I was done I still felt like I had to keep going. When I finally got my iPhone 4s I couldn't set it down and used it in the bathroom. That experience changed my life as I felt more relaxed, I felt like I was taking my time, like I wasn't there just sitting down doing nothing. I had time to catch up on E-mails, Blogs, YouTube, Etc..

     So this is going to be my Top 5 Apps I like to use while in the Bathroom to relax and have yourself a great experience.


Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook

This one is easy which is why I put it up as my last thing, while in the toilet I like catching up with my friends, family and other people online (I do not take Instagram photos of myself in the bathroom just FYI, nor do I state that I am in the bathroom). But I do take the time to comment on both Facebook and Instagram, and check out all the buzz on Twitter. Trust me, you will notice a lot of stuff you thought you didn't have time for before. and yea I know I missed Google+....It's there.


DToid, GameTrailers, TouchArcade and other Video Game Websites

I love me some videos games, and I know most people do too, the crazy thing is, some people don't have time to look at the new games coming out or the videos for the latest game thats been shown. Well while i'm on the bathroom I like to catch up on that stuff, reading articles on new games and also watching their video reviews for games that I want to buy. I personally look at more iOS reviews but this is a great way to catch up on the latest and greatest Apps and games out there.



Of course you know that E-mail is going to be on the list, and the obvious answer is because its productive and its something now a days we forget to do because we are busy all day. Usually we text people, Facebook them, Tweet them, etc... We then forget that we also have E-mails that need to be read for important reasons or just to delete that nasty spam mail from your Mail Order Bride in Russia. Reading E-mails and responding to them in the bathroom has become one of the most productive reason to go to the bathroom.


YouTube, Podcasts, and other Media

This is a no brainer, Anything that waste your time is your best friend when you sitting in the bathroom, its better than doing absolutely nothing while you wait to be done. Catch up on some of your favorite YouTubers, or listen to the podcast that you have been dying to listen to for a while. I find watching videos is a great way to relax especially when your watching something funny or entertaining. Seriously, watching videos to relax will do wonders for having an easy time going to the bathroom.


iOS Games

Yes, number 1 is going to be all the games that you can play on your iOS device, and why did i pick this as my #1? because everyone knows that we don't have enough time in the day to sit down and play with our iOS device. We hear about the coolest games that have come out for our iOS device, we download it and then we play it for a good solid 5 minutes before we have to go back to work or do whatever it is we are doing. Then we forget about the game and never come back to it unless we have downtime. Well gaming in the bathroom is your downtime, so we shall play Plants Vs. Zombies, Temple Run 2, Cut The Rope, Sonic, Fruit Ninja, etc... Gaming in the bathroom has validated the reason why I spent the money to play these games. Since before I use to spend money on the games, play for 5 minutes, and then forget about them. After being able to play in the bathroom, I've beaten Plants Vs. Zombies, something I would have never done if I didn't have any downtime in the bathroom.

Finally I just want to say thank you for reading, and I hope that this Blog speaks to you and helps you on your wild adventures through the Toilet Maze. Please Subscribe to my Blog, or even my YouTube Channel where I do video reviews on iOS games, Video games, and anything else that is interesting to me  My YouTube Review Channel<<<Link<<<

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