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[Insert witty saying for first blog]

Oh the things I do when I'm bored.

Since this is a blog on a gamers web site I will assume I should talk about games, if that makes ANY small amount of sense to anyone. With that in mind I think I'm going to just talk about a little game I've played that I had a fun time playing. Thats right. This may come as a surprise to people (me assuming everyone stalks me because I'm very egotistical) but I play games for fun!

And it is at this point that I realize that there is absolutely nothing new I can say because everything witty and exciting to read for the first time has already been said so bear with me.

in other news, that game I was going to talk about:

Final Fantasy VI (sometimes known as III)

So I guess what I'm going to say right off the bat here is that this is the best Final Fantasy game ever created. And I'm not necessarily going off of best gameplay or best graffics, but a little known thing I like to call story. It may be a well known fact that I am speaking of now but I like to think there are people out there who would argue with me so here are my points as to why this story was so moving and enjoyable (for a Final Fantasy).

At the beginning of the game your ears are treated to the best dern melody about sadness ever. If you don't know what I'm talking about check it out here (check it out especially around 3:40). And on the subject of this musical piece of supreme magnitude I'm going to go right ahead and say that 8-bit music is the best sounding music I have ever listened to in a game, and that is partially why new games aren't as enjoyable, the music isn't good enough. I will go into more detail about this point if even a single person takes interest to ask me why I think that (I would also like to hear why people would agree or disagree about it).

Music aside, what makes this story so amazing? Well, the story does obviously!

So in this game we have ourselves a dynamic cast of characters all with there own feelings and ideals. At the beginning of the game (or at least roughly around that time (I use brackets a lot to separate my ideas or give what I'm saying commentary, deal with it!)) you find yourself playing as a thief named Locke, he is protecting a girl who has lost her memories from an empirical group of people who were mind controlling her. Yeah, it's that cool at the beginning of the game. Anyways I'm not going to go too in to detail about the story because it's really something someone has to see for themselves to enjoy and I would totally spoil it for them if I wrote it all down.

now I'll generalize as to why this is truly the last good Final Fantasy game made (in my opinion(story wise)). In this game you have the perfect mix of characters with the perfect mix of their own emotions and the end of the game, while tragic in some regards, still has an uplifting ending. This is something most Final Fantasy games after this point (some before) can't brag about. I hate reading or watching a story about kids who are really depressed and nothing will sooth their anguished and tormented souls. I could see that being possible in an old war veteran living on his own. But what is it exactly that these kids are crying about the whole freaking game? Not fitting in is a popular trend in most new Final Fantasys or games made by Enix:

In Final Fantasy VI the whole world almost gets completely destroyed and is taken over by a maniacal clown man. And even with just pixels to display there emotions on there faces they still get the job done way better than most games of today (I'm generalizing here by the way, oh, and I'm also mostly talking about Square in this topic so you can add in your comments with that in mind). Look at this face:

can you see the expression? If you've played the game you understand EXACTLY whats going on in that picture. Now for some competition:

They can't add any emotion to his face for some reason and apparently a good substitute for that is hair blowing in the wind and fire in the background. Okay, now tell me, which one of these two conveys more feelings to you? The pelvic thrusting crazy clown man? Or the child like face of an adult with absolutely no emotion present on his face?

And the sad thing is that the child like face could work if they made it so that he was a "strong presence who doesn't show emotion to people because he deals with his own problems" kind of guy and have him with his moments on his own where he shed a tear or some nonsense, but even when they have him secluded and on his own he has absolutely no emotion and then the story doesn't really make sense.

On the other hand, we have a clown man take over the world who is clearly insane. When someone who is insane is able to make more expression related to what has happened in their lives than lets say a child like adult. There is something seriously messed up with the second guy.

The sad thing about all of this is that I really like good stories and try to find them in everything I play and watch. But when the characters can't even relay what they are feeling to me then I find it hard to enjoy what is going on. Maybe its just because I'm only looking at the Japanese market for this rant and there definition of expression is.....nothing, but that still leaves me with the fact that they used to do it right in the olden days. What happened? did all the good writers die? did they get old and can no longer make a good story? I have no idea, and it saddens me.

but life still goes on and I still have hope that future games can have compelling stories.
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