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Froggy Review: Tetrobot and Co.


At first glance, Tetrobot and Co. appears to be an adventure game with charming industrial vibe, similar to Oddworld: Abe's Odyssey, but under the surface it's purely a puzzle game, which isn't a bad thing.

In Tetrobot and Co., you're the psychobot, a microscopic robot that is inserted into other robots to fix them. This is where the titular "Tetrobot and Co." comes in. Tetrobot is the name of the first robot you need to fix with other, stranger bots coming afterwards (My favorite is Puddingbot). Each robot contains 6 stages to complete and the stages add more and more elements as you progress through the bots. The elements are usually related to the injury the robot suffered (Aquabot is pilled with water, Puddingbot is filled with sludge, powerbot is overloaded with electricity, etc.).

The goal of each level is, of course, to get to the end by navigating through a variety of blocks, pipes, force fields, and other forms of machinery. There are extra collectibles (called memory blocks) that can be collected for %100 completion, but they're not necessary to advance to the next bot. The main method that Psychobot uses to navigate levels is to absorb different blocks and shoot them back out. It sounds simple at first, but it actually gets incredibly complex.

There is a strict set of rules that Psychobot's block-moving ability has to abide by. First off, he can only carry a certain amount of blocks at once. Second, blocks shot to either side will travel until they hit a solid surface or something sticky (which can either be a sludge-coated block or a block of the same type). There are many different types of blocks, all with different properties (wood burns, sludge sticks, sand can become glass when heated by lasers, etc.). If this all sounds confusing it's because it is, but you learn these properties easily as you play.


[Note: This is an experimental rating system inspired Jonathan Holmes' unique idea on an episode of Podtoid. The main rating will be a "compatibility" rating, which rates my overall enjoyment of the game. However, I have also added an "overall quality" rating, which accounts for how well the game plays, how much attention to detail there is, or any glitches. I hope you enjoy it!]

Overall Quality: Almost Perfect

Even for a puzzle game, Tetrobot and Co. shows amazing attention to detail. The levels are expansive, but there's always one exact way of solving the puzzles that gets the desired outcome. Even the order of actions that you make is of utmost importance. Everything about the game's puzzles is finely crafted and honed to perfection.

The graphics ooze charm like Puddingbot oozes goop. The characters look adorable, and the backgrounds and objects have a cool industrial feel that matches the offbeat ambient soundtrack.

The only thing keeping this game from perfect quality is a collection of annoying glitches. Chucks of the UI occasionally disappear, which makes restarting levels necessary. Sometimes the UI that lets you restart the levels disappears as well, and you have to close out of the actual game and restart. Also, Psychobot occasionally forgets how to move, and clicking to the place you want him to go, as you would usually do, just gets confused looks from the little bot.

Hopefully these bothersome glitches will get patched.

Compatibility: Medium

I'm not huge into puzzle games and often don't play them for more than an hour or two. Tetrobot and Co., however, was able to hold my attention for hours on end. It made my brain very happy whenever I was able to complete an especially hard puzzle (there are lots), and even the most frustrating parts just made me more determined to succeed.

One thing I liked a lot about the game is that you're not timed. You can take your time observing the puzzles and figuring things out at your own pace. It can be incredibly relaxing as well as mentally stimulating.

Would I recommend Tetrobot and Co.? YES!
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