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5 Dance Games That Should be Made


I haven't played Bioshock: Infinite, but a lot of fans said they have been disappointed with the last installment of the series.

Well, Irrational Games, listen up, because I have the perfect idea to win those people over again: Bioshock: Electric Boogaloo (get it? Electric and shock? lol)!

The plot: You are a generic protagonist who gets lost in a nightmarish dystopian world where people have left America to form Disconia, a country that uses dance as both a currency AND a weapon! To survive, you must bust a move!

Are you ill enough to make it?

5. Ace Attorney: The Musical

I seriously don't need to make anything up for this one. Watch this:

This actually happened, and Capcom desperately needs to make a video game adaptation!

Come on, Capcom. You know you want to! Don't you want to make tons of money?

Final Note:

As you can plainly see, dancing can be applied to any game franchise. All you need is a little imaaaaaagination (and a tiny bit of cocaine)!

Thanks for reading!
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