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Update: I can't wait to finish HSC!


As most aussies will know, from New South Wales anyway.. that the HSC exams are currently going on. As for non-aussies it's much the same as SAT's or whatever final highschool exam you take before leaping into university and etc.

This is just a random off-topic post, Why should you care? I don't know, but I will post anyway :P

Well I've crossed the halfway line and I have 3 exams left and then I can finally say goodbye to 6 years of highschool! It would be such a joyous event seeing there are over 9000 good titles coming out soon! and I have all the time in the world to use up until I get my HSC marks/Uni offers back :)

Some people would know from previous post that my 360 is dead(dvd-drive+rrod) and that I just bought a PS3, and I have a long list of games to play, I need to catch up on Resistance, Folklore and etc.. while being hammered by the new games that are coming out :(

Okay, I better stop writing.. I feel my heart cringe in pain because the quality of this post is amazing *sarcasmo the clown*

1 more week! and I should be back on my gaming schedule, and now time to study some Chemistry... at least my gf is my private tutor.

Cya guys :)
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