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RIP Xbox 360, say hello to Master Chief for me. Also Hello Destructoid.


Hey guys, well I thought I'd finally post a blog up, I don't know about what, but I think the death of my beloved 360 is a valid reason to write one up, well unlike some I thought I was one of the lucky ones who never had a single problem with their 360, everything perfectly in sync, no lag, no nothing... Until one morning I wake up wanting to stretch out with some CoD4, and there it was, the red ring of death has knocked upon my door...

So I got it sent and repaired and I got it back working again, *yays* and a few hours of playing I decided to give it a rest and go hang out with my mates, and ha! the next time I switched on my 360 it said it wouldn't read the disc, and I tried different discs, and what'd you know? the dvd drive failed. I feel that I have been ripped off by MS, I mean I would've wanted better compensation for all the hassles I had to go through.

After finally getting the dvd drive fixed at my local computer shop, I've made the decision to say goodbye to my 360 days, and I put up my 360 along with my games collection on eBay. I was sort of relieved that I didn't have to handle with it anymore, but deep inside I'm hurting since I was so god damn excited to play GoW2.

It's sad but recently I've decided to switch sides, and get myself my own black juggernaut, I know that the game collection might not be as good as the 360 but to be honest I feel happy that I'm actually going to get a PS3. In a few hours I'm going to finalize the eBay auction, and get the 360 shipped off and let some other guy feel my pain :P

And also, hello Destructoid. Sorry for the spam >_<

- Ben
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