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Warframe Worth a Second Look: From a Middle Aged Gamer


I started playing Warframe when it first arrived on the Ps4 and, well, sort of liked it. Let's just say it wasn't long before I stopped. There were so many other games to try after all and I felt that it was a bit overwhelming to play solo, which I often like.

Destiny was one of those games that really caught me. A good space genre game is always something I look forward to. In fact, I'm writing this as I fly a long-haul flight with passengers in Elite Dangerous.

With Destiny I preordered just to get the Vanguard stuff. We all remember how great that was,(/sarc) but I didn't care! I played it to death. 

Since that time I have played tons of different games (including Destiny 2) and then, a couple of weeks back while feeling impatient waiting for Battlefront 2 I read an article on Warframe versus Destiny and how fans of Destiny were also fans of Warframe. That is was similar yet different. So I re-downloaded it to my PS4 Pro and, well, holy ****.

First thing I noticed was the graphics. Coming from games that were a handful of pixels that might or might not sort of represent something, I was impressed. Then it was the variety of Tenno (you) and the customizations available to modify to your heart's content. I have money I can spend on these things so I did and I was far happier with my creations than I was with Destiny (2). From a Middle Aged Gamer standpoint, being able to purchase things also gives me the ability to progress better and keep up with the usually far younger crowd. Everything in this game can also be learned and crafted over time using blueprints.

The variety of Guns and non-gun weapons is great, and I have to say that I also love swords! In Destiny you have heavy ammo to fuel your sword and in Warframe your sword is always available and upgreadeable as are all Tenno and weapons. 

With Warframe's latest expansion, the Plains of Eidolon, you now have open world activity as well as the ability to fly across the open world in missions along with a village where you can build weapons and more. Warframe has me hooked and I'm really glad I gave it a second look.

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