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Controversy Over Battlefront 2: A Middle Aged Gamer Standpoint


Loot boxes. Some people hate them and some people love them. There is, however a category that I often find is not that well understood. Perhaps no one wants to know. Perhaps, no one in this category wants to speak up. I am a Middle Aged Gamer. I have played video games since consoles were a new invention and I still play as much as possible because I love the worlds I can enter. 

What I have noticed, however is that my reaction times are not what they used to be. Now in my mid 40s I am having a hard time keeping up with someone that is much younger that can move and react faster than I can. Now understand, I have been an avid Martial Artist, hockey player and more throughout my life so I know how fast reactions work. 

So enter paid assistance! If I spend some money on loot crates like the ones in EA's Battlfront 2, I can actually get ahead a little bit and actually keep up with some of the younger players, raising my enjoyment of the game. Mind you, I still do a lot of running and dying, but that's beside the point. I have read and understand the viewpoints of both pro and against loot boxes, but for someone in a category like mine, they can be a blessing.

I love games. As I age, they greatly assist in maintaining hand to eye coordination and keep the mind sharp and I will likely have to change my blog in the future to Old Guy Gamer but I have a while yet for that.

Are you a middle aged gamer? Do you notice a drop in reaction time?

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