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D-toid, my home away from home!

We all have that home away from home we love just as much but don't get to visit quite as often. Destructoid is that place for me. Frankly, I spend more time at 1up because that's where I set my roots down first. I have more friends there a...


My time with Amalur!

Disclaimer: This is one of those pieces I posted on 1up too. While I know excessive blog carry-over is probably frowned on I'm also about helping people decide if they will like a game or will not. To that end I think this is a decent ind...


Tech issues, but I appreciated the partcipation you all!

I tried posting to you all on my blog before the most recent one. I apologize that did not seem to be an option then! (Still learning about the spam filter and I had to call in some helpful D-toid back up!) Regardless, these are my words y...


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Ben is an unruly guy-bro-thing who writes useless contemplations on 1up! He would like to fancy himself as a paragon of virtue and the last of the time lords but in truth he's merely a shy anti-social pervert who "tries" to do the right thing under most circumstances. When not blabbing about games Ben likes illustrating and writing. It's Ben's personal opinion his "ideas" are the best in the world but the harsh truth is they're rather generic prepubescent wank fantasies!