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Ben McCurry is a videogames writer split between the UK and Ireland. He is most infamous for a review of Pac-Man 256 that would sink the corrupt Brash Games and expose shady practices at the lower end of games journalism. Now he's here. Life's mad, isn't it? He is chronically addicted to The Simpsons, classic RPGs, wide open sandboxes, and, unapologetically, the work of David Cage. Hey, Heavy Rain was really good...

Say hello to him on Twitter @gaysteelmill.


Hello! As you've probably noted from above, I'm Ben, and I'm a writer, focusing in on videogames. I write other stuff like poems and short stories, but people actually like my games writing so I've chosen to concentrate on that.

Really, though, it's because I've had a lifelong love affair with games, ever since I was 3 and learned, slowly, how to play Cool Spot on my uncle's SNES, so I suppose he's to blame for all this! At about the same age, I wrote whatever silly stuff came to mind; just kept thinking it up, and writing it down. No matter how stupid, just constantly putting it down on paper. As such, with these two passions, it seemed only logical that I'd be led into the wonderful world of games writing. After all, where else can I rant about how much I love Fahrenheit and be able to pay the electric bill with it?

I'm a huge fan of big story-driven games with a rich world and backstory, so things like Final Fantasy, Grand Theft Auto, Undertale, Heavy Rain, and The Elder Scrolls are big winners to me. However, I've also got a huge soft spot for games that history seems to have forgotten about. You ever play Pandemonium? Go and play Pandemonium. Also wish they'd make more Tony Hawk's titles. Underground is an absolute ride.

Anyway, that's about it. Stay cool and (hopefully) see you on the front page...