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Super special announcement from bbain!


Hello everyone!

I have some wonderful news to announce. Yesterday, Jordan Devore made me an official member of the Destructoid team! I'm all black and white now! Well, I guess Balrog has always been kinda black and white, but now I have a face!

Writing about video games has been a dream of mine, which I've been trying to achieve ever since I joined the Destructoid community around five years ago. I first came here in late 2009, I believe, and I first started blogging here in 2011. My first blogs were all about indie games, and people seemed to really enjoy them, so I kept writing and making friends here, eventually making my way to the front page and onto the Cblog Recaps team.

And now I'll be an official contributing editor! It's kind of crazy to think about right now, it's so exciting! My time at Destructoid so far has been awesome and magical, and I'm so happy to have the opportunity to write officially for a website full of people that I admire so much.

I also have to give props to Dtoid's former features editor, Chad Concelmo, who attracted me to the site in the first place with his fun, positive attitude, and heavily influenced my writing style. I hope to bring some of that unbridled optimism and excitement back to the front page. Expect to see more silly features, lists, indie game coverage, etc. And probably whales, because whales are great.

I hope to keep you all entertained with my writing. If I can bring a smile to someone's face with my posts, then I'll have done my job :)


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