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Bbain's Jukebox: It's about to get gay in here!


Hello everyone! I'm in kind of a silly mood, so I decided to do another jukebox blog (which Shade was kind enough to keep alive!) with one of the more random themes I've been considering. I was listening to one of these songs in the car the other day when the idea hit me, and I had a lot of fun coming up with songs that would fit the theme.

The theme for this edition of the jukebox is all about being fabulous! Most of these are songs I could imagine playing at a drag show or a gay night club (albeit a video game-themed one, which would be amazing!). Most of them are also themes for some of the most fabulous characters in video games, none of whom are actually gay (except maybe Ryan), but they're all wonderful nonetheless. Enjoy!

Red Carpet Extend-o-matic
World of Goo

Only the first part of this song actually plays in-game, during the levels where they introduce the beauty goos. I liked the first part of the song enough to listen to it outside of the game; it sounds like something you might hear during a fashion runway show. And then, if you listen to the whole song, it suddenly becomes this high-energy, operatic anthem with singing and everything! It took me by surprise, and I found it both hilarious and awesome, and it quickly became my favorite song from the game. Whenever I play it in my car, I can't help but sing along, even if I can't hit that one note towards the end...

Be Gorgeous
Katamari Forever

This song plays in Katamari Forever while you're trying on the accessories that you get from presents. It gives me the same sort of vibe as Red Carpet Extend-o-matic, in that it reminds me of the type of music played during a fashion show. I imagine the King of All Cosmos listens to this song when he's getting ready for the day, dressing up in his fabulous outfit, with rainbows emanating all around him!

Play With Me, Dance With Me
No More Heroes 2

This one plays when Travis visits the gym, which is owned by Ryan, a flamboyant man in a skin-tight, pink get-up, with his chest hair exposed and sporting a Freddie Mercury mustache. Like the first game, all the dialog in the gym is sexually charged ("I want to pump you up!") and probably very awkward for Travis. I thought it was hilarious though, and the song made it that much greater!

Magypsy Party
Mother 3

The Magypsies are a group of fabulous, magical beings that are clearly inspired by drag queens. They're amazing! Each of them are likable characters, if a little too sassy at times, but I think my favorite is Mixolydia, because she has an adorable pet octopus (and she's the prettiest!). There are a few variations on the Magypsy theme, but I chose this one because it's the most upbeat. It plays when you first meet them, while they're all having a party together <3

Persona 4

I chose this song more because of the setting and character behind it, even though it kinda doesn't fit in with the other songs. It has a seedier sound, like something you'd hear blasting loudly at a night club. It plays in the bathhouse dungeon, where you fight Shadow Kanji, the most fabulous shadow, decked out in roses, muscles, and wielding giant, metal male symbols as weapons. I'd say that's enough to qualify this song's position on the list!


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