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Random Nintendo Post #2

Wii Menu Update 3.3 Nintendo released a Wii Menu update yesterday. Unfortunately, you can no longer use homebrew. But at least they didn't brick your system. Besides, if you want to play ScummVM, use your computer (sorry, no Putt-Putt o...


Random Nintendo Post #1

Wii Fit DVD You can get a free promo DVD for Wii Fit from stores now. It looks like Nintendo is really pushing this one, knowing how heavy Americans are. I got two discs from GameStop - one to watch and another to sell on eBay in 10 years...


How is that going to work?

Does anyone have any idea how a track pack disc for the PS2 and Wii versions of Rock Band could work? It can't copy the songs over to anything, seeing as the two consoles have very little storage space (the fat PS2 had a HDD and the Wii h...


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