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Yo Ho Me Hearties! AC III Gave Me Sea Legs


There is something to be said about Assassin's Creed 3's naval gameplay. It is incredibly fun. So fun, in fact, that I believe there could be a full fledged game in here if it's done right.

For those of you that have yet to play AC III or for you out there that don't plan to for whatever reasons, at some point you will acquire your very own ship. Navigating is done from from behind the Captain (you) with a wide angled view of your ship's front half. The bob of the ship as it cuts through the waves, the sound of gulls overhead, and the movement of your crew as your order them about. All of these things and quite a bit more, are presented so well that you can't help but order her to full sail just so you can see what she's made of. The whole process of controlling the ship, which is quite nimble at half-sail but a bit touchy at full-sail, is a great feeling as there's just the right amount of feedback from your controller to the actions of your mighty vessel on screen.

Battles against other ships are thrilling events as you both jockey for an advantageous position, one that lines your enemy up to face the full force of a cannon volley. Hearing Connor yell orders to his crew to "HOLD" then "FIRE!" might just make you nerdgasm all over yourself when you see what a perfectly placed round of cannon balls to do to an opposing ship. Pieces fly through the air, they are knocked a bit off course, and even crew members can go flying into the drink. Your crew cheers as they begin to sink and you turn her hard around to align yourself in order to fire another volley at a ship approaching your opposite side. Even being fired upon is a spectacle as you order your men to brace themselves and everyone grabs onto something while cannon balls smash into your flank.

There is a game here, the mechanics are there to make one hell of a naval based title. It might be just me, but I'm thinking pirates! So far, the sea going parts of AC III have easily been my favorites. How do you feel about the inclusion of naval gameplay, for those of you that are playing AC III?

Edit: Added this funny because it's true comic from PA. Just because.
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