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Halo 4, early perspective from a Halo noob


There's something so epic about this picture.

So, I'll begin by saying that when it comes to Halo I'm actually quite inexperienced. I played the first one, and the second. I enjoyed them immensely for their story-telling and fun campaign. Since that time, I haven't touched the series nor kept up with the lore. When I decided to jump back into the fray with Halo 4, I brushed up on my lore thanks to the magic of the internet but still did not find the time to play through the rest of the series. The kindly, actually he was rather hateful looking, FedEx man dropped off my brand new copy of 4 about two hours ago and I eagerly began playing.

See the amount of ammo in the rifle and the reserves? I have a bad feeling that this will be a common number through the whole game.

Right from the start, I'm glad I caught up on my lore and I'm glad I've been watching the Forward Onto Dawn web series. Had I not, I would have no freaking idea what was going on. The first "mission" of the game is action packed and sets up what appears to be an excellent story. It was within this first re-introduction that I realized, I am really bad at FPS games. Titles like Borderlands 2 have spoiled me. They're too easy. This was a shocking revelation that came when I died a good seven times in a row during the first big fire-fight. It was from not paying close enough attention to my shields and enemy location. This is sad, I thought, because I'm playing on Normal and I'm getting my ass handed to me on the first level. Well, punishment is a cruel but effective teacher as I now know to watch my ass and keep my head low when that damn shield warning is blaring in my ears.

One thing I'm not happy with so far is the total lack of ammunition. I've been constantly having to pick up discarded Covenant weapons. Since I can only carry any two firearms at a time and the ammo for those seems to be very low. This is magnified by the fact that I'm a poor shot, another sad fact that I'm quickly having to teach myself not to be. I do hope it won't be so bad in later levels. It's not that I mind having to scavenge for weapons after my current ammo is spent but having to hold "X" to do so in the middle of being shot at is quite annoying.

I'm a fan of how much expression they've given to Cortana.

Despite that little gripe, the game is quite stellar. Perhaps I am really just a baddie that needs to improve my game. Something that I'm sure will happen with practice. Stepping into multiplayer, which I plan to do after I've beaten the single player portion will be interesting to say the least. For those of you who picked up Halo 4, what are your thoughts on it so far? Do you share my ammo woes?
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