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Halo 4, early perspective from a Halo noob

There's something so epic about this picture. So, I'll begin by saying that when it comes to Halo I'm actually quite inexperienced. I played the first one, and the second. I enjoyed them immensely for their story-telling and fun campaign...


Yo Ho Me Hearties! AC III Gave Me Sea Legs

There is something to be said about Assassin's Creed 3's naval gameplay. It is incredibly fun. So fun, in fact, that I believe there could be a full fledged game in here if it's done right. For those of you that have yet to play AC III ...


Choke Hold Simulator 2012: Dishonored

I have a confession. I do not like Dishonored. It's not that I didn't want to love it, I really did. On the surface, it's a new IP set in an interesting world. Full of otherworldly beings (well, at least one), political back-stabbing, ...


I'm Microsoft's Cow

This is what we are. Allow me to talk a bit about milking the consumer. This will be focused on the Xbox 360, as it's the current console that I own but the others are just as guilty of it in their own ways. What is milking the consumer...


A Re-Introduction

Hello everyone. This particular post will be a re-introduction of sorts for me as I've been a long-time lurker around Destructoid and I have made a few posts in the past which I have now "hidden" in order to start anew. So if you'd like t...


About Bearded Gentone of us since 3:11 PM on 09.07.2011

My name is Dallas, I live in the Chattanooga area, I'm 35, and I'm a stay-at-home caregiver for my spouse. As far as my gaming background goes, I have been gaming from the wee age of three years old. I started with the Intellivision at the advice of my pediatrician in order to help control my hyperactivity and ADD. Of course, back then, it wasn't really called "ADD". But, whatever you want to call it, the doctor's advice worked as I learned to sit still and gaming improved my concentration considerably.

Over the years I have, at one point or another, owned every console and handheld to hit the market. Now, prior to 2010, I had all three current generation consoles and both handhelds.

I am not a games journalist. At one point in my life, I wanted to be. I love gaming, reading, and writing so it seemed like a good fit. But, given the state of games journalism today, I would much rather be a gamer that writes about games. That's it. That is all I am and all I have the desire to be. As such, you can expect me to be honest about any topic I post here. If I think something is crap, I will tell you that I think it's crap and why I feel that way. I won't try to persuade you to agree with my opinions, I will just present them. When I review a title, you can be sure that I've played the hell out of it. Perhaps I've "beaten" it, if not then I've at least logged a good amount of time on it.

Also, regarding reviews, you will not find scores here. I will tell you about the game, give my impressions of it, and try to do so in a way that conveys my feelings about it. If I had fun with it or not, the problems it might have, or any outstanding features (good or bad) it might have. If you want a score, there are thousands of other places to see one. If you want to read someone's impression of a title you're curious about in hopes of learning if you'd like to experience it for yourself, you'll find that here. At the end of each review I do, I will tell you if I think it's worth a rental or a buy along with why I feel that way. Many of you rent games as they're expensive and not many people can afford to buy every title they want to play. I hope to help that sometimes difficult decision along.
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