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Isaias Talks About: Epic Mickey


The second I heard there was going to be a sequel to Epic Mickey, I jammed a gun into my mouth, ready to pull the trigger while crying. That was until I heard about all the problems that were being addressed in the sequel. So to ďcelebrateĒ, Iím going to recall my impressions and overall experience of the first Epic Mickey. As you can see from the first two lines, it isnít good.


So just a quick run down on the story: Mickey goes into Yen Sidís place, fucks up the home of the forgotten Disney characters, has to make amends with Oswald and destroy the evil blots using a paint brush that shoots paint or thinner. Honestly, the combat is one of the many things thatís wrong with this game. You have the option to either shoot paint to befriend enemies and leave a positive impression on other characters or erase them and be shunned by the community. I find that doing either does little to impact the ending. Most of the enemies are extremely annoying. Knocking you into pits that kill you or into paint thinner which adds extra damage. The bosses are very underwhelming. They donít fight like normal bosses most of the time. In most games you drain their health until they die, but these bosses play out like scripts. Itís like a boss you have to knock into a pit in order for them to die. In one of the bosses you have to sabotage their machine which theyíre not connected in any way soÖ..yeah.

Warren Specterís goal was to make you feel bad for not recognizing some of the forgotten Disney characters. Well, I felt pretty terrible from the camera controls. Does that count? But then that just brings up an important question: How can you feel bad for not remembering someone you donít remember at all? I mean, you would have to have developed some sort of bond at first. Iíve had that same scenario in real life and I just felt a little embarrassed I didnít remember them. But honestly, who cares. I couldnít care less for Clara Cluck or Charlie Horse.

His nameís Horace Horsecollar, dumbass.

As Iíve mentioned before, the game has a heavy emphasis on morality. Saving or defeating enemies impact whether youíre good or bad in the eyes of Oswald and the other characters. Youíll also come across characters that need help with something. You can choose to ignore them and receive bad karma or help them out and get that good feeling inside<3. Sometimes in games I donít feel like helping everyone I come across so the game punishes you if you donít want to bother with their problems. Usually those missions consist of helping out robot versions of Goofy or Donald by finding their missing parts, or fetching something for someone. Doing all those missions felt more like a chore than a game because of the repetitiveness.

Iíll find those clues!

Now one thing Iíve noticed about games that fall flat like this is the material it works with. Epic Mickey borrows settings and characters from other Disney material like Peter Pan, Tron, and the ride from Itís a Small World. Itís just that they donít fit in Mickey Mouseís universe. I feel as if theyíre obligated to use those properties because itís Disney. They just mix in anything and think theyíll get A+ material. It also didnít help how they wanted to make it dark and edgy. When I had first heard about it I didnít think much of it, but everyone else thought it was awesome. I think thatís a huge problem with most people today. Edgy-ness + Something Not Supposed To Be Edgy = BEST THING EVER. That sort of thing just doesnít belong in a Mickey Mouse game.

What theÖ

Now, it pains me to say all of this about this game because there are things I love about his game. The music is great and cartoony. Especially the main theme for Mean Street, the gameís hub world. I also happen to be a HUGE fan of the style of cartoon characters from the 30s and 40s so the inclusion of Horace Horsecollar, Clarabelle Cow and especially Oswald. Iím not going to lie, I never knew about Oswald until Epic Mickey, but I like him more than Mickey because heís got a strong character trait. Yeah, heís pretty pissed.

Youíre fired.

I also love the animated cutscenes, but I think it would have been good to include voice acting since the text speeds by, just giving you barely enough time to read it. The visuals are so beautiful I would LIKE to take the time and look at dem purty pictures. I normally donít care if I have to read dialogue, but many people are opposed to it regardless.

UGH! You mean I have to READ!?

So hopefully the sequel fixes all those problems. The voice-acting, the repetitive missions, the lackluster bosses, and the god awful camera control. I just really want to like this game because I love Disney. Well, the old Disney. Not that teen pop bullshit.

Right on, Dude!
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