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Damn, Disqus on Dtoid doesn't seem to be working whatsoever for me. Can anybody suggest a fix, or should I wait if the problem is on Dtoid's/Disqus' end? Do I need to transfer my Dtoid Disqus account to a Disqus account over all sites?


This is a video posted nine months ago that I just spotted. A+ for build-up and music, D for execution.


Watching Awesome Games Done Quick. All the runs I've seen have been great, and the Metroid Prime run has been very interesting so far right now. In-game lag, jumping out of the environment and Twitch lag feature.


Happy New Year, everyone! Also, I just remembered that I didn't enter my final few games completed for 2015 in the forums. Bugger.


Jake from Vsauce posted this video a few days ago. I'd rather a dragon punch went through my chest. Unless I had a death-wish.


Eric Jacobus is at it again with his Tekken move-list. This time, Steve Fox's moves, with a bit of Balrog added.


Attention all UK dwellers and those with access to the BBC iPlayer, you can catch a thirty-minute radio documentary about one of Blizzard's best selling games in The Art of Starcraft.


Going to share a few of my favourite Youtube videos. First up...


Tay Zonday has a stream on Twitch. Unfortunately, Tay Zonday hasn't worked out his audio issues. That won't be changed by breathing away from the microphone, man.


Races have been pretty intense, and the last Moto3 race in MotoGP 14 should have been too. Emphasis on the word should. The AI riders ignored infringements in the last race, meaning everyone was disqualified except me. Derp.


Been playing MotoGP 14 on my Vita. A bit buggy (some menus you need to press circle to go back, then cross to select to proceed, otherwise nothing happens. And motorcycling helmets riding motorcycles in-race), but I've got the sweet spot in difficulty.


This GrumpOut video was pretty funny to me (props to TheBadSpoon on the Dtoid chat room); https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N%20


BUT WAIT....THERE'S MORE! I am now witnessing my gladiator unable to move in another online game, whilst my opponent can hack away. But he can't get to my second life-bar. Let's see who disconnects first... (Spartacus Legends buggy crap post 3)


...then I tried to play an offline game whilst my other (stronger) gladiator was in the queue for the online game. Lo and behold, both games started around the same time, and my gladiator went from a rating of 345 to 19. WTF. (Spartacus Legends cont.)


It is very easy to get frustrated with the bugginess that is Spartacus Legends' online play (X360). First, I couldn't hurt an opponent without throwing him ('my spear ISN'T damaging him? WTF?!?)...


Played Fishing Superstars, Dragon Quest (making progress) and Freedom Wars today. Felt tired and lethargic. Missed a lot of the rain, though. Played board games with friends, and the one I brought helped them decide on a gift to purchase.


This was a video, made a year ago, that I discovered yesterday on an email link. Although he skips the odd line and ad-libs others, I'm impressed that he stayed in tune.


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