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GamesTM Records Luc Bernard's Comments On Destructoid

First, it was on the net. Now, it's in the pages of GamesTM, one of the UK's big multiformat magazines. Luc's responses to the reviews that slammed his game are documented under the header 'Eternity's Child: A Tragedy In Five Acts'. Each act being a reference for his disastrous comments on his WiiWare game...

And here is the link for the full detail of the page so you can read it.


On another slightly connected (to the above) issue, NadjaRiot's blog received quite a few negative comments. One individual in particular, who you'll have to guess because I'm not going that far to shame him, had the choice of either being sensible (posting his objections to her style of blogging in one comment, and continuing any grievances in his own blog) or being a trolling douche (posting negative comment after negative comment in the name of 'fun', pointing out mistake after mistake, etc).

Guess which route he decided to take. ¬_¬

Anyway, I decided to jump to the defence of a new Destructoider who took the time to introduce herself by commenting like this to our troller;

"I so feel like smacking you. Stay off her blog if you are going to keep doing this. >:O( "

I could have picked the words better, but I thought that if he hated how Nadja constructed her blog, he would do the right thing, post one comment and leave the blog. I also had a go at a few of his grammar standards, and once again, I could have handled it better, but I wanted the troller to know how he felt if he was the one got at.

Anyway, that is how I feel. Welcome to Destructoid, Nadja. You seem to be handling the trolling pretty well. ;O)

Batthink out
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