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Destructoid UK’s London February Meet Up


Twas on the Friday 12th February that the UK-based members of Destructoid popped over to London for good times. Our organiser, Hollie (AKA Phoenix), couldn’t join us, and I had initially concern that the absence was because of her eye, which she had a habit of trying to destroy. However, I found out she had attended two journalism opportunities hosted by games companies instead. One of them turned out to be for Sega’s launch of Sega All-Stars Racing, which happened to be posted in a watersports complex. Phoenix related (on the evening she met up on Saturday) that all of the Xbox 360 consoles had stopped working because the conditions were so humid.

Instead, it was to be Sean Justice to the rescue, organising our ragged troops to haul our arses from the no-mans land of the hostel we stayed at. Me and Malcor were the first there, also joined that Friday by DarkAngel, Halfleft, Corican, ThePhil (accompanied by his partner, Kat), Shakey and n0brien, our adopted German mascot/sexy accent holder.


Our first port of call was to Chinatown for a meal at Ikkyusan restaurant. Before this, however, Shakey and Malcor thought it so amusing that I refused the purchase a Big Issue. I decided to take a look at the contents (for I only purchase it when I see an article of interest) and they were in hysterics once I handed the issue back to the vendor. Seeing as they captured the moment on camcorder, I decided that it would be best to only protest on the level of my stinginess whenever the subject was brought up thereafter.

Corican was kung-fu fightin', and he was fast as lightnin'.

After consuming our food (mine consisted of a very good bowl of coconut ice-cream with coconut meat), we headed to the Trocadero to play arcade games and drink. In a shocking turn of events, Justice, our grand-master of fighting games, was put down thoroughly in Street Fighter Zero 3 matches by Corican. No-one could believe their eyes, and just to prove it wasn’t a fluke, Corican decided to wipe the floor with anyone that dared to place their arse on the opposite side of the cabinet. Despite winning a match against him, I still felt the pure force of his arcade-prowess. I hope I’m not hyping him up too much.

After we watched UFC competitors beat the crap out of each other whilst drinking Gangbangers (that’s us, not the UFC competitors), we headed back to the hostel for general socialising, gaming and arsing around. Well, nearly arse… I had the interesting sight from my bunk-bed of Halfleft’s hairy lower-back and n0brien’s Incredible Hulk boxer shorts. Pictures weren’t taken.


Today was a good day. We were up in time for breakfast….well, that didn’t include Halfleft, who was still sleeping in his bottom bunk when we were ready to go. The temptation to kick him was great, but we decided against it.


After wrenching our companion from his slumber, we headed towards Trafalgar Square, where the Sega Vancouver 2010 event was happening. Nikmonroe managed to inform us of this prior to leaving for London, so he managed to make our meet-up more gaming-orientated as a result. Marginally more successful than the All-Stars Racing event, they had a big screen showing the opening of the Winter Olympics, along with a tent that housed booths with the official Vancouver 2010 game and Sonic and Mario at the Winter Olympics.

The event was also holding a competition to win a copy of the above games, so I, Justice, DarkAngel and ThePhil all had a go. I managed to get a bit of practise on the game’s ski-jumping part, the section that the competition focused on, so my confidence was a little dented when I messed up the power of my start on the first attempt. Seeing Justice and ThePhil allowed a second go, I decided to rectify that mistake. ThePhil managed to achieve a combined score between 200 and 250 points, whilst Justice edged into the lead with a score of 255-260. Nervous, I stepped up to the mark, and posted two great leaps that got me 290 points and a copy of Vancouver 2010 for the 360. I was so overjoyed that I had taken an empty box from the organisers. I ran back a short distance with the sound of everybody’s laughter in my ears.

(And by the way, Justice, I am so sorry I added to the disappointment of your performance against Corican. Don’t tase me, bro. O_o)

Nikmonroe (left) and n0brien (right) enjoy hugs with 'sexy-face' Atheistium.

Anyway, after a bite to eat at McDonalds, we entered the Trocadero again, then met with Nikmonroe, who managed to join us in time to watch Sherlock Holmes in the cinema. After that, we trotted over to a pub to exchange words, regarding the upcoming PAX event and movie magazines, amongst other things. Atheistium gate-crashed the proceedings as well and after a meal at a fancy pizza-place, we split-up into two groups.

Hollie does her impression of Sega employees when they tried to get the 360 working in the watersports complex.

One group headed back over to the hostel for more social-based antics, whilst the other, containing myself and the newly arrived Hollie, decided to head over to Richard Herring’s new comedy gig, ‘Hitler Moustache’. The gig actually turned out to be very good, and evolved from the idea of winning back the toothbrush moustache for Charlie Chaplin from the aforementioned dictator, to a well-planned examination of our attitudes to race with an encouragement to vote against the nefarious BNP. All in all, Mr. Herring did a very good job.

So that was basically that. We all said our goodbyes on the Sunday morning, and we had great memories, if we didn’t drink them away. Thanks to Hollie, Justice, Corican, Nikmonroe and anybody else who I’ve forgotten to add as an organiser to this awesome weekend. To all those who didn’t get a chance to go along, never fear, there will be more opportunities to meet together in the next few months, like the forthcoming Eurogamer Expo and Barcelona trip.

Batthink out.


Here’s a couple of Hatsune Miku cosplayers I spotted in the Trocadero. Hopefully Topher Cantler will appreciate this.

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