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Moar Artwork! Moar Animation!

*Sigh* Back to my blog. Had to do a little acting in a play. Couple of lines, nothing monumental. Anyway, that's enough of me, let's get on with the images. Artwork That Preview Page by Lastscionz Heroic by Lukedenby So I Herd...


More Game-Related Pictures

Hi guys, my motorcycle CBT is almost complete, I just need to do my practical test on the road. Remember: if you want to learn to ride a bike, learn the Highway Code first. O_o Anyway, feast yer googles on these; Kuradoberi by Pyawakit...


T-Shirt Winners And Kinky Von Karma

Hi all, and welcome to another of my blogs. I've got a motorbike CBT test coming up soon, so I should be starting a career as a motorcycle stuntman very soon (j/k). In the meantime, I won a couple of prizes in the Fanta/Play.com promo....


DeviantArt Okami Winners

I have had an enjoyable weekend, dancing like a maniac at a reggae gig, and riding a motorbike in preparation for a desperate bid for transportation freedom. Aside from this, I haven't had much reason to post a blog. That was, until I spo...


Hanabi Festival Releases For Europe

I've pulled this info from the Nintendo newsletter that arrived in my inbox; I believe the Americans already have Puyo Puyo 2, which I'd only be too happy to accept on my releases, and Cho Aniki, which most of us know about now. One rel...


T-Shirt Contest!

Yes! I am doing a contest for all at Destructoid. The reason I am so generous is that I had a voucher to use for clothing, along with a staff discount at the supermarket I work at. And these are what I purchased; One 'I Pulled A Princ...


The Game-Related Update

And welcome back to another of my blogs. This week, I�d just thought I�d post a few things I�ve spotted over the past week or two. You may remember something about RDCarneiro getting hospitalized for something serious. Well, lets just sa...


RDCarneiro Hospitalized

If you've been on Destructoid for a few months, you may have seen the work of RDCarneiro here. Unfortunately, he has found out he needs to go to hospital, and he is concerned about what he has to face. Please read the link above to his ...


Game-Related Artwork and Animations (Part 2)

Hi guys. I'm on holiday, I'm feeling a bit meh, and I've found a few things that have cheered me up. I hope this does the same for you too. Artwork IT'S A COMIC ABOUT EDGEWORTH by Ojamajodoremidokkan TPop Blizz Starcraft Promo by U...


Get Your Paintbrushes Ready: Okami DA Contest

I was going through DA today when I spotted this. This is important news if; 1. You can do decent works of art. 2. You like the art-style of Okami. 3. You want to win a Wii, plus other stuff. Link to the competition here. Submissio...


Game-Related Artwork (After Big Blank Banner)

Hello again. Welcome, and peruse these lovely pieces of artwork. Remember, these are not mine or yours, so don't nick them or pretend these to be yours. I've contained the links from DA to them as well just in case. Enjoy; RPG Bookmar...


Game-Related Lulz and Memories

Hi again. I'd just thought I'd share a few game-related videos and flashes I came across. SNES Memories I found this on Spiked Humour and just seeing all those games in action brings back lovely, warm memories. I don't suppose you lot...


Albums To Game By - Treasure by Cocteau Twins

I have been racking my brains for a decent topic for a blog that is seldom used on this site. One thing that came to mind that I am trying now is something dear to my heart that I want to share with you; good music. I have quite a few alb...


Albums To Game By - Burial by Burial

I have been racking my brains for a decent topic for a blog that is seldom used on this site. One thing that came to mind that I am trying now is something dear to my heart that I want to share with you; good music. I have quite a few alb...


The Medium Is The Massage - A Rant

Destructoid has the words �Don�t Suck� for a reason. It keeps the content on the website good, and makes it more viewable. After all, that�s what a website is for. And once we have our membership, we are expected to �not suck� as well....


White Gold: I'm RIDING A Shark, Suck My D***!

Link to greatness: http://www.whitegold-game.com/eng/downloads/trailers/the-first-trailer-for-white-gold-war-in-paradise.html I was reading through a copy of GamesTM, and boy, was I surprised by what I found... The website I have linked t...


The Crossing: Look Both Ways

Hello Destructoiders. I�ve recently hit a brick wall on Rogue Galaxy (PS2) and Final Fantasy 3 (DS), each game against tough bosses. What I will do is have another crack at the Rogue Galaxy boss I�m up against (one of the princes of the L...


Game-Related Artist Talent (Part Six)

Welcome back, one and all to my blog on the artists I've come across who deserve a mention on Destructoid. Dr House: Vicodin Addict This week, I've come across the excellent work of Cataclysm-X on DeviantArt. She is from the Netherland...


Final Fantasy II Beaten and A Couple of Ideas

Hi guys. :) Just to let you guys know, I've finally beaten Final Fantasy II (the proper FF II, on the FF Origins double CD) on the PS after approximately 40 hours. One thing I must say; it is a shed load better than the first game. Bette...


Game-Related Artist Talent (Part Five)

Okay, I believe you guys have seen this fella's artwork before. Why do I believe this? Because he is so damn good you can't avoid looking, that's why. This amazing set of artwork is by Artgerm AKA Stanley Lau from Singapore. He the cr...


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