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Batthink’s Big Secret Santa Opening (Christmas Eve Unboxing Day)!

Hi guys. Was planning to do a monthly musing blog, but then I felt had more fun things to do and couldn’t be bothered. I’ve never been a fan of essays, and making a decent blog takes a little research and experience on top of this. You can call me lazy, but I’ve had the joy of learning teased out of me a bit too much.

Anyway, I entered the Destructoid Secret Santa a while ago. I wondered if I’ll ever get something, after I managed to send off my presents to Naia. Well, on Christmas Eve I had a box arrive whilst I was out on a list of errands for my mother… (names and addresses have been deleted to protect the awesome)

Since it had my username on it, it had to be the Secret Santa present. No diggity, no doubt……especially when you have a label with its contents marked ‘video game’ and ‘promo video game items’.

Let’s open it up;

For all I damn well know, I could have got polystyrene shapes for Christmas if it wasn’t for that label.

Ooh, a letter for me. A Christmas card, perchance?

It is, and it is a pretty relevant one as well. Found it difficult to leave my nose alone at times.

’To Dan (Batthink)…Surprise! I’m your Destructoid Secret Santa…finding an RPG that didn’t make it to Europe was tough, but I hope you like…’

…waitasec, ETRIAN ODYSSEY II?!?!? F*** YEAH I LIKE IT! :OD

…and I didn’t expect two games in the box! The first being my very first Fire Emblem game! Sweet!

There’s Etrian Odyssey II. Damn, I’m going to have some fun this year (after I complete Final Fantasy III).

Looks like I not only got the music for the Mana series…

…but also the Disagea series, which is one of my favourite RPGs. Nice going!

Prints, postcards, artbooks…man, the guy has gone to town.

And yes, I do like Resident Evil. The t-shirt will do me nicely.

Thanks, Funktastic. You’ve really, really made my Christmas a lot better this year. Merry Christmas to you, and here’s hoping that everyone else got their Secret Santa presents.

Batthink out.
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