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Nothing's Sacred: NPCs

In case I didn't lay it on thick enough, there is some epic sarcasm in this article. I had just set out on an adventure to save a princess/defuse a bomb/kill a monster/solve a mystery and my first stop was a little town that's known for h...


Confusing Drunks with Team Fortress 2 References

A couple weekends ago my friends and I went pub crawling in San Fransisco. There really wasn't a whole lot happening that night and I had made the mistake of agreeing to being the designated driver while my friends and everyone we met wer...


The Forgotten: The Manhole

As far back as I can remember, my father swore allegiance to Macintosh. He grew up in the era before computers and quickly recognized Macintosh computers as "stupid proof". While this may have been true, it didn't make life easy for a bud...


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