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Capcom-Unity's Monster Hunter Survey!

Fellow Monster Hunter fans unite! Capcom-Unity is hosting a Monster Hunter Survey currently and I would implore all fans that are waiting for MH games not yet released here to give it a shot. If even on the slight chance Capcom will see it...


Fist of the North Star Drinking Game!!

In honor of the Release of Fist of the North Ken's Rage I started rewatching the original show that i hadn't seen since i was in my teens. As i sat there, and watched nameless thug after nameless thug explode from Kenshiro's ...


5 Reasons to dust off your PSP in the future!

With Sony's unmistakable lack of support for the PSP its hard for gamers to get excited about playing with the exception for the occasional PS1 classic worth downloading. Fortunately there are a few games coming out relatively soon that ...


Duck hunt kitty!!!

Yeah this isn't really news or anything but its to damn cute to not show. I saw it over on Kotaku and thought id share it all of you! This cute little ball or fur is Claire and she's about the smartest game playing cat I've seen. she eve...


Preliminary review of Metroid Other M!

Everyone has been in a tizzy about this game since the moment it was announced Team Ninja would be heading up, causing alot of apprehension. Will it been any good? How will it fit in with the timeline? Will it feel like a REAL Metroid? ...


Games that need sequels : Tech Romancer

Never heard of it? Shame, shame, shame on you! This is one of Capcom's gems from the Dreamcast era and probably one of their best attempts at a 3D fighter (well certainly a great deal better then the Street Fighter EX series). This baby...


The first post!! Dun dun dun

Who knows if anyone will be reading any of this but I thought I should start off by saying hello.. its the courteous thing to do. If i could I'd attract reader with the sweet temptation of wontons or something but oh well. I plan to start...


About BastionWyvernone of us since 3:10 AM on 08.25.2010

What I'm playing now:
E.D.F. Insect Armageddon
Fragile Dreams
Pokemon Black and White
A smattering of 360 games I need to finish including Blue Dragon, & Resonance of Fate

What I'm most looking forward to:
Batman Arkham City
Legend of Zelda:Skyward sword
Kamen Rider: Riders Generation
One Piece Unlimited Cruise SP (Pleeaaassse bring it to NA!!)
Bioshock Infinite
Luigi's Mansion 2 (my prayers were heard!)
A new Pikmin game
Assassins Creed Revelations
El Shaddai
Ms. Splosion Man

What I'm watching(ongoing):
Kamen Rider 000
Game of Thrones
Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger

Greetings all! Whats spiffy?
I've been a gamer for as long as i can remember starting with an Atari 2600 and a Colecovision and workin up from there with just about ever system that's come out since(except a PS3 lol)!I've shamelessly followed Nintendo since i had my NES,going as far as being a Nintendo merch whore and I doubt that trend will abate anytime soon. I play games pretty much anytime i can and go as far as to bring my portables to work and play them in my spare time there.(yes i know that's bad lol) I love retro games and new games alike but tend to love the more odd niche games that most people will look at like it's anathema.
I'm here to be a part of a community I've watched grow but never took the time to join until now. I hope i will get to meet and talk to many other gamers like me(people for whom games are a way of life and love to discuss them but have no one in the "Real World" who they can do that with. If your one of those people feel free to contact me anytime and add me on Xboxlive! I'm always up for a new gamer friend!

Oh yeah!! I'm always a big fan of japanese art and anime and am in the process of getting a webcomic started up.(once i get a new computer capable of running something a bit flashier then MS paint!) Wanna know what else i like? look below for lists of my favorite games( in no particular order)!!

My Fav Retro games!
- Dig Dug
- Mr.Do
- Burgertime
- Pac-man

My fav Arcade beat'em ups!
- Battle Circuit
- Aliens Vs. Predator
- Armored Warriors
- X-men
- The Simpsons

My fav RPG's!
- Wild Arms
- Suikoden series
- Lost Odyssey
- Final Fantasy 6
- Final Fantasy 9
- .Hack series
- Shin Megami Tensei series
- Pokemon

My fav Niche/Lesser known/Under-appreciated games!
- Nier
- Beyond Good & Evil
- Godhand
- Ghosthunter
- War of the Monsters
- R.A.D. Robotic Alchemic Drive
- Gotcha Force

My fav Platformers!
- Mario series
- Jak and Daxter
- Ape Escape series
- Sly Cooper series
- Megaman Series (original and X)

My fav Action/Adventure games!
- Blood Will Tell(Dororo)
- Onimusha Series
- Zelda Series
- Kingdom Hearts
- Monster Hunter
- Drakengard series

My fav Puzzle games!
- Super Puzzle Fighter 2
- Tetris DS
- Puyo Pop
- Puzzle Quest

My fav Fighting games!
- Darkstalkers series
- Guilty Gear series
- MvsC2
- Street Fighter series
- Tech Romancer
- JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

There's obviously many more but that's all i can think of right now. There are also some that i cant fit into a genre as far as im concerned like Shadow of the Colossus, Ico, Bioshock(purely because i have FPS's),Assassins Creed to name a few. wanna talk about any of them or give me a suggestion on one i might like? go right ahead!