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Please vote: A personal appeal from Destructoid Fish Bass. (Poll in the comments)


The mini wasn't the direct with new games, this direct wasn't the direct with new games, but I'm still hopeful for a direct with new games before long! Really happy about the Octopath release date at least.


I hope everyone has a great monday!


Your absolute madman of a fish friend posted three (3!) blogs in the last week. What are you waiting for? Make your own before I claim the entire blogging land for myself.


What's your favorite video game soundtrack and why? I'm quite partial to the Nier games, as you know, but I'd be interested in getting suggestions.


I'm still playing my first game of Into the Breach, but I'm loving what I'm playing so much that I wanted to post a quickpost ASAP. Anyone interested in strategy games ought to check this one out.


I may not have succeeded in making anime real, but been doing good progress in making 2018 the new 2016. Dtoid Draws returned, Destructoid MtG cards returned to the blogs yesterday... And in less than a week, the review everyone has been waiting for.


I wish everyone has a great # monday!


I didn't give a follow-up on the Unstable Magic the Gathering draft yesterday, but basically I ended up making a dice throwing deck. My luck is overall pretty shoddy, but it's super fun to play! Every throw is suspenseful as hell.


About to crack open cold ones with the boys


I'm playing waaaay too many card games lately. One would think I'd become good at some of them, but it turns out... Not really.


This world has been connected


I hope everyone has a merry # Monday!


A Hat in Time is 20% off in the Steam Sale so it's worth considering if you like 3D platformers!!!!!!


Roses are red, grass is green...


Just finished Celeste! Dropping my ending screen stats in the comments because it has all the NPCs in the game on it.


I hope everyone has a great # Monday! I'm still a bit sick but I'll manage.


EVO lineup up! I like it, solid stuff. I'll be tuning in to Dragon Ball, Melee, Guilty Gear and Street Fighter V. You?


I hope everyone's having a great # monday. I'm personally feeling much better after being sick since Thursday. :D


It turns out Gohan learned more from Piccolo than we thought at first.


Started playing Celeste... B-sides are pretty hard! I might not go for the rest of them until I've finished the regular story haha.


My community shoutout's to King Kaiser! You post some of the litest, goodest shit in the quickposts on a regular basis, and I love you for that.




Just a reminder to people who don't enjoy Qtoid trends... Don't be afraid to chat about unrelated things! Different things! Variety is a strength. Don't be scared of not being "with it". You're all with it in my heart.


I hope everyone is having a great # monday :)


wes is the worst


i feel like maybe the world would be a lot better off if capital letters disappeared entirely


The 20 million zenni trophy in Dragon Ball FighterZ is crazy! That's enough to pay for 20000 random capsules... :(


Dragonball FighterZ is amazing with friends. I don't remember the last time I had such a great time with local multiplayer.


I hope everyone is having a great monday!


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