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This is officially my 600th quickpost! Thanks for being cool, y'all. How about an AMA to celebrate? (I know the last one wasn't too long ago, please understand)


My long-awaited games of E3: KH3, Fire Emblem Three Houses, DMC 5, Spiderman and TLoU 2. I wasn't thrilled with the conferences themselves, Sony in particular was a pacing nightmare, but the actual games showed tickled my fancy more often than not.


Here are my recommendations in the newest PSN sale, for those interested: Gravity Rush at 10.50$ off, Gravity Rush 2 at 13$, Danganronpa V3 for 30$!!!!


For people wondering, the entire Kingdom Hearts collection's price is 100$. Seems decent for three HD collections and KH3. It's up on PSN, and 1.5HD/2.5HD/2.8 are automatically available because why wouldn't they be


gravity rush 3 when


If you don't join me on my Mario 64 stream you are a bunch of lameos link in the comments


Super bad video and audio quality, but since I've been steadily becoming decent at Cytus II, because I've talked about it here twice already without showing footage and because it's a really nifty phone game... Here I am playing Chaos on hard. Really fun!


I expected this E3 presentation to settle whether I felt like Smash Switch was doing enough new or not compared to 3DS/Wii U. I'm still not sure. Hopefully we'll see new modes in a future Direct before release.


Nintendo's E3 presentation was super-light on non-Smash news (I'm happy with what they've shown of the new FE, but that's basically it), but they did it. I'm convinced to give Smash 4.5 a go. Really excited to try Ridley, and Big Blue guaranteed a sale.


Get yourselves a girl that looks at you like Riku looks at Riku


I like the games Sony showed, but they must have chosen the worst possible way to present them haha. The first half was just soooo slow and it's not like they were lacking in games to show either... Really strange. Still, def feeling Ghosts and Spidey.


Whyyyy Square Enix. Whyyyyyyy


I did the thing! I'm mostly looking forward to three conferences, but hopefully the rest nicely surprises me.


I've really been digging Curse of the Moon lately. Inti Creates has created the perfect NES Castlevania clone!


Community question! What's your number 1 favorite piece of gaming music and why? I'm partial to Dearly Beloved from Kingdom Hearts games --- nothing like this beautiful melancholic piece before the ridiculous action that has you slashing down skyscrapers.


Loving Cytus 2's free updates, but wouldn't it hurt the devs to spread the love a little more? Paff has the same higher level cap but still 11 songs...


Episode 8 of Steins;Gate 0 reminded me of why I love S;G. Man, I love these characters. So flawed in a believable way. You can really empathize with their tragedy, which is hard to do with fictional people. I just want to buy Okabe a pint.


Oh! Pokiemanz. You know what my favorite thing is, in Pokiemanz? I love fighting red balls in Pokiemanz.


Merry monday! Since it's been a while, how about an AMA? No question too stupid to ask!


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Just got an Amiibo box without the Amiibo in the mail. Thanks, Rico.


Megalobox is really really cool y'all


Went walking in town today. I shopped around for a new bike, since mine was totalled last week. I haven't decided yet, but just walking outside felt great with the nice weather. Thanks Victoria day! Hope you guys had a great canadian monday too.


This week remained rough all the way for me, but at last the weekend's here! I hope you guys are doing great :)


I hope everyone has a great monday! I haven't had the best of mondays myself, but I won't let that bring down the rest of the week.


There used to be a quickpost here, now it's gone. Lovely weather isn't it?


Bow down to your a c t u a l d r a f t g o d.


What moments in video game history you find particularly important, interesting or -- dare I say -- iconic? It's hard for me to believe Cave Story is already 14 years old, that game started a true indie revolution.


The last song you get with Neko in Cytus 2 is Brain Power... She gets ALL the good tracks! Crazy!


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