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So, if you go to Tommy Wiseau's website you can get The Room on bluray, along with 3 pairs of underwear for 20 bucks. At least that's what I paid. The bonus? It's fucking autographed. He spelled my name wrong too! (Keith, not Keth). Its glorious.


Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Ep1.... wtf am I watching? This show laid it on wacky and thick and I dig it.


Man, I've only played the story prologue, but Battleborn is pretty fun. Shame it didn't get a bigger audience.


I'm really enjoying this E3. Doesn't seem as grandiose as usual, but I think that's because they are actually focusing on showing fucking games and there aren't any crazy console announcements, sans the Scorpio (Fuck off that's it's only name).


Just finished Ushio and Tora. Such a fun show and hit me in the feels pretty hard there at the end. Definitely is at the top of my list though with some of the most epic intros to be seen in an anime.


PSA check your email as you may have a nintendo survey that earns you some points. I emphasized Metroid titles in the comment sections, so should you.


People who keep action figures, statues, pop vinyls or the like boxed up absolutely disgust me. Even yoooouuuuuuuu *jabs fingers into your chest*


I'm counting it as Friday still since I haven't gone to sleep yet :P


This makes me happy. It's the little things. Sidenote dream for things that'll never happen: Persona 3 and 4 ported to the Switch.


I'm gonna miss Drill Queen on The Jimquisition quite a bit... but the new theme is really fucking good.


Aloy, are you ok? Are you ok? Are you ok Aloy? (Im way too happy about them adding poses to photo mode. Seriously, every game should be required to have this feature)


Dumb question. If I started a blog, saved it, but didn't make it public so that I can edit it later where is it? I uh... lost my blog.


I'm really surprised and proud with how good this turned out.


Still got some work to do on this one, but it is coming out quite well if I do say so myself.


Super bummed that Born Depressed isn't going to be The Jimquisitions theme anymore. It really is a great song and fit the show so well. Keeping it on the playlist.


Just read book one of Magical Girl Apocalypse... it is dumb as hell, but oh so fun. I love the artwork also. Super violent and funny.


Is it bad that I just want Persona 3 and 4 to come to PS4 because I dont feel like plugging the ps3 back in?


Damn, I just started a blog ranking the ladies of Persona 5, but just realized I never spent enough time with fortune teller chick (I don't even remember her name)... fuckit. I'll put in an addendum or something.


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