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Broke Ass Gamer is Back

I highly doubt that anyone will actually remember my old Broke Ass Gamer series that lasted only two episodes long. Anyhow, alot has been learned from my mistakes in the past (ie really freakishly long episodes with no real sense of direct...


Broke Ass Gamer Ep2

I finally got myself around to playing retro games again and made another video. This time, I'm playing basketball games. Check it.


HTP Online Radio is LIVE

Once again I am late. Sorry! Anyhow, the radio is live and online. I am not sure how long I will be keeping this up tonight (possibly 2 hours). Alrighty, for those who know how to connect, here's your link to download the playlist: (l...


HTP Radio (slight reschedule)

There has been a slight reschedule with tonights broadcast. Instead of broadcasting at 8 PM EST tonight I will be broadcasting at 9:30 PM EST. Generally this is because of a cook out that I can not pass up. Who wouldn't pass up free s...


HTP Online Radio (Video Game Inspired Radio)

Coming this Wednesday night (and possibly more to come) I, Barcode (and maybe soon to be DJ Barcode), will be hosting HTP Radio (Hack the Planet) radio! The radio will be playing video game inspired music. This will be anything in 8bit...


Broke Ass Gamer Episode 1 is here!

After many hours of hell and dealing with shitty video editors and such, the video is finally here. The games featured are Low G Man, Starship Hector, and Kick Master! Part 1: Part 2: As originally posted at:


Broke Ass Gamer Teaser Trailer

I got pretty bored today and thought about making a series based on my experience of surviving boredom through older video games. I'm broke with barely any money. This is a series I am considering starting up for the site Morphine Nation....


Earthbound Saga on sale now

The people behind the making of EB Saga have decided to put their series on DVD for sale. Anyone who is a fan of their stuff should go ahead and buy into this because the money earned will help go towards continuing the series in much bette...


Chiptune Awesomeness: Chiptune Megamix

Roughly a year ago, I was looking online for some more chiptune music to listen to. This was shortly before I discovered GirlJoy. The Megamix is roughly one hour and fifteen minutes long. This is certainly something to listen to when y...


Review of Star Ocean: The Last Hope

It was Tuesday the 26th of February and I had just woken up and literally shat myself upon getting out of bed. I realized that roughly a week ago I put all my money down to reserve a game coming out that very day. What game was it? Yo...


Playing with Yourself: Escaping reality for 20 years

For as long as I have remembered, I've been playing games. More of my hours spent playing were mostly by myself and way before the video games plus internet equals evolution ere had hit. Video games, I can say, is in alot of aspects of my...


Destructoid Secrets: NONE!

I guess this series is going to be an epic fail! I'm going to give this a try until 12AM EST on Monday. I'll check the mail regularly and try to post whatever I get asap. For those out of the loop, you can get into it here If I get no...


What's this I find? Two old friends from 1988!

I was cleaning out my closet earlier and found an old TMNT pillow I slept with when I was really young. I decided to put it into my cedar chest along with all my other prized items that my mom had put together for me. While digging around...


Chiptune Awesomeness: GirlJoy

Just the other night, I was listening to some of my chiptune music on my Zune. At the time I was listening to GirlJoy and decided to randomly see if anyone else on here talked about her in their blog or anything. This is what I got in ret...


Attempting to start a series: Destructoid Secrets

While tossing and turning in my bed last night unable to sleep, I decided to try to start a series. I was thinking over and over in my head what it could be, and I realized how close together our community gets when we learn something abou...


Why Niero is the shit

He simply is, k? So what is really compelling me to title a blog "Why Niero is the shit" and not make this a simple boring one liner blog? Simple. He's working hard on something that is taking alot. That something is Destructoid. I've ...


10 things you didn't know about Barcode

1. I'm a huge Mother Fan, but I never bothered to play Mother 3. Even though Mother 3 has been fan translated by the beloved team, I have yet to play it. I am not sure why. I guess the only real reason is that I am so focus...


Any Dayton, ohio Dtoiders?

I was just curious to see if there are any Dtoiders who live in or around the Dayton, Ohio area. I know there is a Cinci NARP, which met somewhere in Fairborn back about 5 months ago, and Ron NSFWorkman had a last minute NARP last night. ...


Earthbound Most Wanted on VC

Sadly, there is no scan of the Nintendo Power Magazine saying this (and I don't have NP either :[ ), however, Earthbound has been voted #1. Mother follows somewhat closely behind as number 4. This will hopefully spark some interest fro...'s Final Siege

Sadly, from the looks of things, Earthbound will not be coming to the Wii's VC as what many Starmen.netters like myself had been hoping for. As of right now through May 15, there is a contest for Starmen.netters to make an Earthbound rel...


Good Idea Bad Idea: Player Creativity

One thing I noticed about some games is how creative players can get in some games. Some games allow a substantial amount of creativity and some limit creativity so much to where it sucks. Literally. I'm going to talk about the games t...


A small Tribute to Jeff Gerstman on GameSpot

This is the latest video of the On The Spot series. The intro has a small tribute to Jeff Gerstman. As you watch, you'll begin to notice that no one really is happy. It's almost like as if Jeff is dead! Hopefully things to come will b...


Red Octane bitch slapping Harmonix

Apparently Red Octane (Guitar Hero 3) is talking smack about Harmonix (Rock Band). As quoted from Octane's Charles Huang: I don't think we're too interested in having their guitars work on our game, because they're having a lot of issue...


Game Addiction with crappy Parenting

I was looking around on random sites like ManiacWorld and stumbled upon two videos both relating to the addiction and insanity of World of Warcraft. Here's the first video. It's of a Stanford University Student finally making it to lev...


Nightshade, a good old classic

This old NES game might just be one of my most favorite games. I never did get to beat it for how hard it was. You play a character whose name is Nightshade (at least he calls himself that) and he's decided to uphold the law and try to ...


Book Review: Halo Graphic Novel

As taken from wikipedia: The majority of the book is divided into four short stories set within the Halo universe featuring separate writers and artists. Alongside these stories is an extensive art gallery compiled of contributions from ...


About Barcodeone of us since 12:36 AM on 11.26.2007

My name is Barcode. My real name is Alan. I'm 20, wishing I was 21 so I can drink beers instead of Fresca while I game. I've been a member for either a year or almost a year now. At some point, I stopped blogging and just lurked for the longest of times. I'm not sure if it's being single that's compelling me to write the blog again or not, but damnit I know that I am going to have fun.

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