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Broke Ass Gamer is Back

I highly doubt that anyone will actually remember my old Broke Ass Gamer series that lasted only two episodes long. Anyhow, alot has been learned from my mistakes in the past (ie really freakishly long episodes with no real sense of direct...


HTP Online Radio is LIVE

Once again I am late. Sorry! Anyhow, the radio is live and online. I am not sure how long I will be keeping this up tonight (possibly 2 hours). Alrighty, for those who know how to connect, here's your link to download the playlist: (l...


HTP Radio (slight reschedule)

There has been a slight reschedule with tonights broadcast. Instead of broadcasting at 8 PM EST tonight I will be broadcasting at 9:30 PM EST. Generally this is because of a cook out that I can not pass up. Who wouldn't pass up free s...


Broke Ass Gamer Teaser Trailer

I got pretty bored today and thought about making a series based on my experience of surviving boredom through older video games. I'm broke with barely any money. This is a series I am considering starting up for the site Morphine Nation....


Earthbound Saga on sale now

The people behind the making of EB Saga have decided to put their series on DVD for sale. Anyone who is a fan of their stuff should go ahead and buy into this because the money earned will help go towards continuing the series in much bette...


About Barcodeone of us since 12:36 AM on 11.26.2007

My name is Barcode. My real name is Alan. I'm 20, wishing I was 21 so I can drink beers instead of Fresca while I game. I've been a member for either a year or almost a year now. At some point, I stopped blogging and just lurked for the longest of times. I'm not sure if it's being single that's compelling me to write the blog again or not, but damnit I know that I am going to have fun.

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A job

I've been gaming since before I could speak and I presently own:
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