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Hey there guys im actually a pretty laid back gamer. I do play a lot of stuff and have an open mind to all genres of video games. I play WoW most of the time and then sit back with a good console game. I started gaming when i was not even in school when i got a Sega Genesis and have been in love ever since. Currently playing Dragon Age: Origins and loving it and hopefully joining the rest of the world in COD6 very soon. Some of my favorite games of all time include the Dynasty Warrior series for whatever reason it may be, Persona4(beaten the ultra first playthrough), and Blazblue which is probably one of the best fighters ever imo. However im always looking for a good RPG to suck up what remains of my life. In fact i kinda wish they would remake FFIX with PS3 graphics and all those bells and whistles so that i can tell God i truly died happily. But yeah other that if there is a game i find interesting ill play it and if i really don't like one i won't pull any punches when it comes to letting people know.