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ModNation PSP code

I don't need this code for the PSP demo of Modnation racers, up for grabs if anyone wants it: 78B3-76B2-59LA


Not my Turning Point gaming rig

Dude, I got a Dell. This machine is almost 7 years old now. Its actually running well still, though obviously I can't play new games anymore. I had to double the RAM a few years back, up to 1GB. Damn Dell and their expensive, proprietary RA...


PS3 Socom 32-player, Still Can' t Top the Original

http://www.1up.com/do/newsStory?cId=3166758 “full 32-player online battles” This is terrible, terrible news. I don’t even have a PS3, but if they could return Socom to its former glory I would pick one up in a second. The original Socom i...


How to lose Achievements + 4 hours of your life

"Recovering" your gamertag to someone else's machine, on top of taking a looong time, can be dangerous, as I learned the hard way this past week. Long story to follow! Last Sunday I could not connect to Live for whatever reason on my 36...


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