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Through the eyes of a Casual: Wii

As we say good bye to the Wii and usher in the new Wii U it's time to look back on the most popular Nintendo console of all time. Remember those long line ups at E3 just to get a chance to play those games or having so much difficulty finding one during the first year of the launch... ahhhh memories.

I just wanted to take a short look at what exactly the Wii was through my eyes and what are some of the things I really liked about it and some of the things I didn't like about it.

Things the Wii did right:
Advertising: The Wii capitalized on all the hype and made people incredibly excited over this new and innovative way of playing video games. Being a business student I gotta give Nintendo an A on their marketing of this system. Honestly, who can forget the "Wii would like to play" Ad campaign? It was fantastic and still is ingrained in my memory.

Virtual Console for a while: Now this one is sitting on the fence for me. Nintendo made an awesome awesome feature with the Virtual console and allowed us to play games from our past which was an incredible sell on me. I am extremely nostalgic and being able to play these games was fantastic. Every week there seemed to be new games added to this marketplace when I first got my Wii and I was in love... But sadly these games came at a more dwindling pace as time went on and ultimately no longer excited me. They really missed the boat on some titles such as Earthbound. Overall though I still go back to play my Wii for these games so it still gets a checkmark by me.
First party titles: The games that Nintendo made were great... bottom line... I loved them. Super Mario Galaxy 1, 2. Skyword Sword, Metroid 3, Super Paper Mario, and others were fantastic games and really utilized the controls well with out abusing them.
Capitilize on a fad: They created a new way to play, created a fad, and made tons and tons of money off of it... enough said.

Things the Wii did wrong:
Third Party Games: The amount of shitty casual games that came spewing out of developers would have made ipecac jealous. Seriously guys, this was the main problem with the console. The amount of trash games that were produced for it was appalling and the fact is they still sold to a market that really didn't know any better.
Wii Music: Enough said
WiiWare: It could have been a great marketplace for new and innovative titles but really I used this rarely with the only games I bought being the Ace Attorney series.

Wii Motion Plus: Now this was a huge improvement for the Wii and worked wonders... My issue with it was that Nintendo was fixing their mistakes they originally made and charged a pretty penny for it. I realize that this was also packaged with some games but that still doesn't make it free.
Poorly made popular games: Games such as Modern Warfare were often terrible ports that didn't sell nearly as well as their 360 and PS3 counter parts but this was due to one other problem...
Online Play: Poor use of online play... and don't even get me started on Friend codes...

The verdict: I really had a lot of fun with my Nintendo Wii for the time I had it and was actually a great party tool. That having been said I believe Nintendo got the timing right to switch consoles. With the initial novelty having worn off and nobody really getting excited for motion controls anymore it was a good decision to switch it up and move away from the console. The Nintendo Wii has left an incredible mark on gaming history and will go down as the most successful console Nintendo has ever produced. It was the best thing that could have happened to Nintendo as it's predecessor, The Gamecube had mediocre sales at best. I loved my Wii but sadly the time has come to say goodbye to the old and usher in the new
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