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Through the eyes of a Casual: First Time Star Wars Part 1

Well everyone... I did it... I finally watched Star Wars! And not that just A New Hope... But All 6 of them. Now I know what you're thinking "HOW HAVE YOU ONLY WATCHED THEM NOW?" Yes I understand this line of questioning but you gotta understand that my family really had no interest in Star Wars so I never had the urge to watch the series. Now that I have watched the entire series I want to give my entire first hand experience of the series and see if it matches your experiences when you first watched the movies.

*Spoilers- You know Just in case*

Movie #1: A New Hope

I should make this clear before I start. I had the option of watching these movies in the 1-6 order or in the original 4-6 than 1-3 order. I chose to do the original order of these movies in the spirit of how everyone before me would have viewed them. I am glad I made this choice. A New Hope was a great introduction movie. It helped me understand new concepts such as the force and what it really is. Understandably I had a broad idea of what the Force was from pop culture references I had seen. I was also introduced to characters that I had heard about but really knew nothing about. The character development is fantastic in this. I found myself loving each character more and more as time passed. Han Solo with his cocky attitude, Luke with his bravery, R2-D2 was lovable and had a charm quite unmatched for a character who talked with blips and bleeps. Heck even C-3PO had me laughing at him even though at times he was annoying. I tried to put myself back in the time when this movie would have first came out. I found myself immersed in the world of Tatooine. The Mos Eisley scene will forever stick with me with the line "These aren't the droids you're looking for". Brilliant stuff. The action scenes were fantastic, I loved watching Luke destroy the Death Star and found myself genuinely involved. It takes a lot for a movie to do this to me... but it had... I was hooked. 9/10

Movie #2: Empire Strikes Back

Well I thought nothing could top A New Hope but Empire most definitely did that! This movie was my favorite of the bunch. I talked about the character development in the first movie but here it was really moved forward. We get to see the trouble that Han is having with Jabba, the love interest between Han and Princess Leia, A more developed Luke as a Jedi, the introduction of Yoda in the Degubah Swamps, it was just fantastic. The movie opens with action immediately on Hoth. This locks you into the movie for good. So many scenes are still fresh in memory such as the AT/AT's being strung around the legs to keep them down, and Luke being strung up in the Wampa's cave. Chewbacca giving Luke a big hug where in the first movie he showed no affection to the crew. I could go on for days about the scenes that are stuck with me here but I won't do that for the purpose of this blog. This is what really did it for me, this is what told me I had to finish this series and there was no turning back. I can't express how exciting it was to watch Darth Vader and Luke finally go at it. Now once again because of pop culture I knew the shock ending so it wasn't that surprising, but again I tried to put myself as if I was there opening day. This revelation would have been incredible... Nothing and I repeat NOTHING points to Darth Vader being Luke's father in a first viewing... This movie is incredible and is one of my favorite movies of all time now. The only sour point for me was the ending being on a cliff hanger but that being said I also realize that this was the intention of Mr. Lucas and respect that decision by him. Great movie 10/10

Movie #3: Return of the Jedi

The final movie. It begins with Luke chasing after Han Solo who is still frozen in Carbonite and now in the possession of Jabba the Hut. We get to see that Luke has indeed become more mature as a Jedi. The action scenes are again quick with this one. I took in the scene with the Rancor and thought it was fantastic. I kind of liked the little bit of humour that they decided to add in with this one. The scene where Han is blind and actually leads to Boba Fett's death is hilarious. Now speaking of Boba, this is where I get confused big time. I've seen him in pop culture, people dress up as him on Halloween, and people generally love this guy; now here's my problem. Why? The guy only has like 3 lines in this movie Yes I realize he was in Empire as well but he still didn't play a big role. I'm just confused about the fascination with this character. Anyways, let's get back on track. I really felt this movie closed the book on the series really well (Although there will be a 7-9, don't eff this up Disney). Now here were some thoughts that went through my mind while watching this and see if they match yours when you first watched it. "OMG Luke and Leia are brother and sister?! OMG... didn't they kiss in Empire", "Awe Ewoks are awesome, I wish I could get one as a pet" "Oh man that Ewok army is adorably deadly" "C-3PO... you annoy me" "Vader actually helps Luke... wow" "Does this mean all the Sith lords are now dead?" All of these crossed my mind. Regardless though I felt it was an appropriate end to a great series. My only regret is not watching this series sooner. 8.5/10

Check in next week when I go through my viewing of Episodes 1-3. :)
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