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Review: Super Star Wars (SNES)


As many have guessed I am a little late on this review. Hopefully I don't lose my non-job blogging over it!

Super Star Wars (SNES [reviewed], Wii Virtual console)
Developer: Lucas Arts/Sculptured Software
Publisher: JVC/Nintendo
Released: June 1, 1992

Super Star Wars released to a generally accepting population of gamers. It gave us the big screen movie experience in the palm of our hands! I remember first booting this game up and seeing all of it's 16bit, side scrolling, glory. I rented this game from Blockbuster and in my need to play, such a wonderful capturing of the Star Wars Universe, I already had that rental box open and inspecting every inch of the SNES cart. I couldn't get home fast enough.

Day 1: I get the game! Woot! It's inside my SNES and... uh... it's all buggy looking, did they intend this? I'll just blow the cart out... There we go! DUN NUUUUUNNN!!! I literally melted into an ooze of pleasurable bliss that the beautiful soundtrack instilled. After the intro we've all seen literally billions of times I saw my adventure unfolding as Luke, the blaster wielding, wildlife murdering, Jedi in training.

After an intro screen that allows you to see what you're in for.. you follow the logical progression of the movie yet a ton of monsters and items were added that seemed to make the world real, give it life and pad the game out longer then a movie. One note I will make is the graphics were 16bit but 100% engrossing. The soundtrack mirrored the movie and gave everything such a perfect atmosphere.

I remember the first time I saw that glorious sandcrawler, I was excited at how accurately they portrayed this object of 2 dimensions. It never felt more enthralling. The platforming was challenging due to the somewhat slippery controls. Most mario games never suffered this but it felt like it fit the theme. The gameplay consisted of run and gun and if you were to go back the insufferable enemy generators would throw monsters at you so you'd be quickly overrun. The game had challenge and the bosses were unique enough yet something really irked me about these bosses. They were broken sometimes, shooting certain areas on a monster where the monster was a mobile flying fortress made it difficult for anyone BUT Luke.

There were some terrible vehicle sections that controlled like I was driving a bumper car on ice..

Day 2: So I've gotten past the sandcrawler level and flown off of Tatooine. About this point you've aquired Chewie and Han and they have minor differences, Han can roll on the ground to dodge shots but takes the same ammount of damage as Luke, Chewie on the other hand is a tank, he takes less damage and deals a bit more. I like challenges and this all felt like different difficulties, if you wanted an easy as pie game go for Luke in those missions I've made it to the Deathstar

The tie fighters are atrociously annoying but add a fun little bit of gameplay to make it feel unique definitely getting sucked in. You make your way through and fight the traditional enemies, jumping more pits then pitfall had and it's easy to see why this game had it's appeal.

Games aren't like this any more, they dont punish you for failing they allow save points constantly strewn about and they give you powerups like they're going out of style. If you failed at today's game they patted you on the back and gave you another try. Games past the n64 era decided it's too hard for gamers to game so now a days they hold your hand. Popup screens telling you what you needed to do.. Super Star Wars? It bent you over a bantha and had it's marry way with you.. To beat this game via blockbuster rental was an achievement before they started giving you achievements for turning on the game..

When you told your friends, "YEA! I beat Super Star Wars!" they were impressed. "Wow dude?! how did you do it in 5 days?!" to which I'd give a smartass reply like, "I'm god's son, JC!" which ironically were my initials..

To sum up the rest of this game since it would take forever to do a breakdown of all that was. It was a time when Lucas Arts was a game company, having creative ideas, great games and solid offerings. Progressively they got worse, games came out broken and buggy, lacking substance, retelling the SAME STORY. It all was too much. I think once podracer came out for the n64 Lucas arts was done. They rarely held my attention on anything they've made. Even Force Unleashed had it's, "Ugh.." moments yet it showed that Lucas Arts had a glint in their eye and then they proceeded to milk the franchise with FU2..

Super Star Wars was a reminder that Lucas Arts was once an amazing company then Lucas got creative control..

All in all minus the vehicle missions and rampant enemy generators
All in all this game gets a 9 outta 10
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