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nother fun game WITH AN IDIOT TITLES

I think this gme hs the stupidest nme ever; Armored Core : For answer so supid. however, the game is badsssss. I do like me a mechea HOWEver it has the best cg cutscenes i hacve ever seen. ever. and the bosses r fucking huge. its shoul...


my new drug: tales of Vesperia

While splitting my time between Rock Band 1.2, sorry I mean Rock Band 2, I've been playing Tales of Vesperia almost nonstop. A few caveats before I start, as you will hate this game if: - You have the attention span of a rhesus monkey -...


Beginner's guide to Mercenaries 2

- Throw everything you know about baking souffle out the window - Pick Chris Jacobs first. Voiced by Phil Lamarr, star of Pulp Fiction and Mad TV. His lines are pretty funny and he has excellent voice acting. He also has the best base abil...


Holy fucking shit. holy motherfuck

buy mercs 2 the day, if not the hour it comes out. I was lucky enough to know a guy who knows a guy who broke street date, and.... mini spoilers (within first 20 min) you have a skeet shooting mini game except instead of a shotgun you ge...


good shit: some quality video on PSN store

I don't usually blog twice in a row, but I was eating a post-hangover hamburger with a delicious lemonade and browsing the videos when I saw they just up "The Last Dragon" for purchase on the video store. I jumped up and quickly shit my p...


have a great time at PAX, assholes

A few words of advice: to all of you who have never met Niero or Collette, I just want you to know what you're in for. Neither are like their personas on dtoid. They are probably both the most juvenile, selfish, ignorant, unattractive fun...



yo dude I know where you can get raman, like 5 c a pack. And that's beef flavor. the good shit. Released August 26-Sept 16 Mercenaries 2 Little Big Planet Disgaea 3 Tales of Vesperia Force Unleashed Legendary Castle Crashers Infinite Un...


fuck the wii. no seriously. with a trowel.

I dont know what the fuck this is except that it fucking sucks, just like spyro well, hardcore "adult" gaming is officially in decline, and it's all the fault of you, fucking wii. you fucking suck. is the mainstream media being...


A Pubic Servlice Announcement

OK, think of the most annoying thing you could possibly think of. For me, Gilbert Gottfried is the first thing that pops into my mind. Take that thing, and cover it in hair clippings, itching powder, and some motherfucking fire ants. And fa...


Hardware Quickie: Not about dildos, skwisgar

Review of Hori EX2 Fighting stick for Xbox 360: This may have been the best $50 I ever spent. Well, unless you count those four prostitutes, which I don't, because, let me tell you, $50 for four prostitutes is pretty goddam cheap, and ...


im keeping bad company

get it? terrible, I know, but I may have had a dfew already. a few druinks. that is. GOOD: bad company has kickass sound deisng. design. one of first games I heard with believable reverb inside strufctyures. better chars than cod4. m...


Some thoughts.

- AC is fucking awesome and I abuse it. - my balls smell like vinegar - I hate people who make the "boop boooop" sound on the subway as the doors close and then look around expectantly for laughter. You're not original or funny. also ...


what is going on

crazy shit has gotten retardede. I got another tattoo in tennesssee. I've been awway for a hiwle. I bet nobody know s who I am and think Im just another nooooooooob. but im not. I have picture rs to preoocve it.



http://latinoreview.com/news/point-break-2-point-break-2-4636 this presents an odd paradox - if the sequel is better, it will actually fail, but if it's worse, it could possibly end up being the greatest piece of cinema ever produced.


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