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Some thoughts.

- AC is fucking awesome and I abuse it.

- my balls smell like vinegar

- I hate people who make the "boop boooop" sound on the subway as the doors close and then look around expectantly for laughter. You're not original or funny. also I thought of it first.

- Aces of the Galaxy is one of the best games on xbox live arcade. It's like Rez's fun, crack-smoking uncle who all the kids wanted to hang out with because he drove a motorcycle, had bitchin chops and threw you up in the air much higher than your dad, and caught you only slightly less often

- NEVER mix scotch, bourbon, and gin in one night. Unless you are looking to have a really, especially great time.

- being outside is fucking awesome. Especially if you own a hammock. and a feisty well-paid hooker

- I miss The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr.

- Why the fuck didn't anyone tell me Indigo Prophecy had better writing than four out of the five last movies I watched? (Which, granted, were Hackers, Strange Days, Virtuosity, Lawnmower Man, and Blood Simple). Don't ask about the bad mid-nineties cyber movies. We have a weird VHS collection

- Play Indigo Prophecy

- Don't get a tattoo of spiderwebs connecting your ass pimples together, because that's gross

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