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SF4 Development meeting - 12/15/08

"OK everybody let's discuss this. We're almost done here with this amazing game, let's just iron out some details for our final boss. am I clear on these points?"

★you guys remember that game soulcaliber, right? awesome fucking game, I saw my son playing it the other day. let's make the boss inferno. only, not.
★hey I also saw this show "dragonball" the other day, you guys see that? it's KICKASS!!!!1!!!! I want our boss to look like this guy frieza. but taller, and give him abel's face. that'll confuse people.
★As long as we're stuck in the 90s, let's make his battle stage Hank Scorpio's lair from The Simpsons and populate it with those guys from the wacky Intel ads from the superbowl 10 years ago. God I'm fresh.
★His normal attacks do 150-200% more damage than any character, right? sounds AWESOME!!!!
★He can interrupt other characters "unblockable" attacks with a grab
★I'm tired of all these "cool sounding" bad guy boss names. I want something approachable, that will really humiliate talented players by having their ass handed to them by the name of a guy they use to beat up in high school. Seth, any comment? ok we'll go with "seth".
★I don't want anyone interrupting his awesome grabs. Let's make them unblockable.
★he will build up special gauge 2x faster than normal, because he's awesome.
★I bet if we made him teleport I'd feel like I had a larger penis
★I love this whole "dragon punch" thingie. Doug, it's sweet. But I want it to have the range of a fireball, do 10x the damage and be able to hit from the front and from the air.
★finally, I want to make sure some characters don't have any moves to significantly damage him in any meaningful way. After all, we need quarters. We'll leave that function in the home console version and later charge people dlc to beat him
★sounds good, let's ship this motherfucker!
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