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What Being Alone Means in a Video Game

Being alone can be a strange feeling for a lot of us. We spend so much time trying to find people to surround ourselves with that it can get to be almost too much when we find ourselves truly alone. Video games have used this feeling ...


Hey, Look at: The Yawhg

In the past couple of years, there has been an influx of games you can play without a controller. Or more accurately, games where you make decisions and choices but are not the person inputting commands. Developers have gotten creativ...


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I'm just a guy who has played a lot of videogames, thought about videogames a lot, and has now decided to write about them.

Been a lurker here for a long time, finally thought about giving back and adding to the conversation a little bit. I like a lot of old stuff and a lot of new stuff, no big frills. It's all the same information, the same topics, I'm just hoping I can put my own touch on it.