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Really Late Intro Blog

This feels kinda awkward for me, but I noticed a couple of C-Blog posts that mentioned an intro post is obligatory. I realize that I've already written a couple blog posts, but one was mostly a rage fueled obstruction to logic after I suffered severe disappointment in a couple of games I played, while the other was just a spur of the moment thought I wanted to put out there just because I had no one to talk to about it.

Thankfully, however, those flew pretty much under the radar and I don't think anyone hates me yet. So, in an effort to get involved with the D-Toid community, I figured I'd start over and an obligatory intro post would be a good place to start.

Hello, my name is Ben. I've tried to start being a regular contributor a couple times, but those attempts fell apart rather quickly because I got occupied with something else. I REALLY want to make a solid effort this time to start getting involved, so I can become a part of this awesome site. I'm an avid JRPG fan, but other than that I guess I like most genres of gaming. Lately I've been occupied with portable RPGs such as Dragon Quest IX, SMT: Strange Journey, Phantasy Star Portable 2, and Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep.

As for which gaming devices I have, I own a PS3, a Wii, a DS, a PSP, and I have a red ringed 360 I'm too lazy to fix. I also have a steam account I really just use for Portal.

I don't really have a snappy line to go out on, so... err... yeah.
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