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I'm going to go ahead and start this off with saying; Money well wasted. I believe I earn bragging rights for the following images: Cp. DTOID leads his army to the front lines. Close up for the little guy! DTOID GET! I LOVE YOU TARA....


Myself and Water Levels in Games

UPDATE: I totally forgot to mention, this, like my last post, was copied from my personal blog, go take a look, there's a new address so the old won't work. ) Okay, the title isn’t exactly what the post is a...


Appreciation for Vidya Gaymz

This is totally copied from my blog ( ), so if it's referenced in any way, please excuse it. So, recently, like, 10 minutes before writing this, me and my friend we’re having a conversation, and he was say...



Okaaaaay, so, after Usurer's temp server went down, I got pretty depressed, so in depression, I created a (small) temp server with a few friends, but turns out neither of them play often enough so it's kind like playing single player, wit...


DAT AZZE: Little Big Planet 2

Man, haven't done a post in a while, 'bout time. Me and Takeshi got a chance too pick up some pretty awesome games; Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and Little Big Planet 2, which are both freaking great. I haven't played MvC3 much as I've been play...


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