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FFXIII - Shaming glorious Nippon

Glorious satire (From YouTube by way of Kotaku): I really hope that's not his real voice. Heard about the FF13 announcement yesterday, and it was only then that I realised how much the game was making me consider getting a PS3 over the ...


Red Alert 3: Now with Man-cannons

Just a quick post, a new video care of rockpapershotgun.com of a 15 minute demo of Red Alert 3. Looks fine, hopefully a case of not fixing what isn't broken rather than stagnation. Still, I have to hope "Man-cannon" isn't the official n...


If You Love It, Change It: No More Heroes

Let's be clear here, No More Heroes was pretty much my number one reason to buy a Wii, based largely on the preview piece in EDGE magazine. This after playing Suda 51's previous effort, Killer7, and returning it within days for being weird...


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