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Being Optimistic: 5 Reasons Why Rockstar Rock.

1. They donít give a sh*t Rockstars' attitude is pretty brilliant. Despite millions of upset and angry protestors, Iíve never once read or heard anything about them apologising. I apologise if this is wrong, this is just my account. But Iív...


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I started gaming from a very young age but only card games on my dads computer. I then started playing games like Mall Tycoon and Wildlife Park and Mini Car Racing.
When I was about 8 I got a Nintendo GBA and when I was about 9 I got a PS1. I think PS2 was out by then but I didn't mind. This is when gaming began for me.
I now own a Nintendo DS, a Wii, and all the Playstations. I am always trying to promote the idea gaming is just another form of media like music, movies, television books etc and not just something nerd people talk about.
^There you have it, a boring description of my gaming-ness.