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About Ayane chanone of us since 12:41 AM on 02.13.2008

Games I've finished:

DS: Phoenix Wright 1-4; Hotel Dusk; Chrono Trigger; Pokemon Diamond; Animal Crossing; Phantom Hourglass; Pinky St. Kira Kira Music Hour; Picross DS; Jump Ultimate Stars and Jump Super Stars; Bleach DS games 1 and 2; Ouendan; Trauma Center 1 and 2; Cooking Mama

GBA/ GBC: Link's Awakening; Link to the Past; Oracle of Ages and Seasons; Alice in Wonderland game; Metroid Zero Mission; Metroid Fusion; Kirby Nightmare in Dreamland

Xbox/ Xbox 360: Halo 1-3; DOA 4; DOA Ultimate 2; Portal; Silent Hill 2;

PS2: .hack Infection, Mutation, Outbreak, Quarantine; .hack GU part 1; SSX Tricky; Silent Hill 3; Guitar Hero 1; Katamari Damacy;

GC/ Wii: Windwaker

PC: King's Quest 1-7

Games I've watched start to finish:

Ico; Metal Gear Solid 1-4; Assassin's Creed; Legend of Dragoon (in progress); Dragon Quest VIII (in progress)

Games I've started/ played some of/ in progress:

DS: Mario 64; New Super Mario Bros; Warioware Touched; Henry Hatsworth; Rhythm Heaven; Crosswords DS; Mario Kart DS; Dragon Quest V

PS2: Drakan; .hack GU part 2; Kingdom Hearts; Guilty Gear X and X2; Me and My Katamari

N64: Ocarina of Time

GC/ Wii: Zack and Wiki; Dokapon Kingdom; SSBB and SSBM;

GBA/ GBC: Pokemon Silver; Pokemon Leaf Green; Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories (gave up)

Xbox/ 360: Bioshock; DOA 3; Doom 3; Guitar Hero (various); Rock Band 1 and 2

NES: Bubble Bobble; Megaman 2; Castlevania

PC: Monkey Island 1

Games I want to play:

Fatal Frame series; Kingdom Hearts 2; Super Metroid; FF IV and VI; Shadow of the Colossus; Silent Hill 1; Majora's Mask; Banjo Kazooie; Twilight Princess; Zelda 1 (NES); Dragon Quest 4; God of War 1 and 2; Trace Memory; Half-Life 1 and 2; Castlevania Symphony of the Night and others; Eternal Darkness; The World Ends With You;