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About Axarreyone of us since 8:47 AM on 05.08.2013

Cover photo credit goes to @DRAGONizm on Twitter!

"Bow to me! Worship me! Call out my name!! Lezard Vale- Axarrey!!"
20 years old, live in Austria and I mainly play JRPGs, with some of my favourites being Shadow Hearts (1 & 2), the Final Fantasy series and, of course, Valkyrie Profile (Lenneth & Silmeria). I won't say no to a good WRPG, however. The likes of Divinity: Original Sin and The Witcher games are games I enjoy a great deal as well. Really, I enjoy a bit of everything!

I also like collecting videogame related stuff, such as artbooks, figurines and a whooooole lot of soundtracks. Some of my favourite OSTs come from the following games:

The Legend of Zelda series
Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth + Silmeria
Xenoblade Chronicles
The Witcher series
Final Fantasy series

Always looking forward to hearing new stuff, so if you know of something that could be up my alley, please let me know!